21 12 2006


A cowboy in the bareback horse competition narrowly escapes injury seconds into his ride at the 1999 Chesaning, MI., Benefit Rodeo.

From Chris Doane Photography (via Neatorama).



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22 12 2006

That is a great photo and a place where I definitely don’t want to be! I added a link to this in my blog. It sure makes you rethink the meaning of “having a bad day”!

22 12 2006

Wow, that is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking action photos I have ever seen.

26 04 2007
Ow. « Bridlepath

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17 02 2008

lol i think it woulod have been better if the horse had fallen on him, they shock the rodeo horses with tazers. This needs to be stopped. That boy needed to learn a lesson.

23 11 2011

beverly.. you’re an idiot. I ride bareback horses and I have never seen a “tazer” behind the chutes. Rodeo stock is taken better care of than average ponies and bulls by a long shot. Our spurs are checked to make sure they cant hurt the horses. There are pads under the rigging and flank. If the horses are uncomfortable they will not perform to their best. With all the starving dogs chained up behind trailers it seems like you’d forget about the awesome horse slammin this kid.

25 03 2008

That is really scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 05 2008

i think the photo is great it has a strong meaning .
the men he deserves it because the this kind “of what people call sports” is animalcruelty, so i think its good what the horse did

23 11 2011

tahnee, you’re also an idiot

15 12 2008

everyone who’s saying rodeo is bad and cruel..
have you ever been riding rodeo yourself ?
were u there right at the shoot before the bronc came out ?
i don’t think so
soo how can u know that they tazerd the horse or abused it ?
i ride rodeo myself and those horses got the best life of all the horses at our ranch
grtz from belgium

22 06 2009

i love horses and have had close calls, not like this though. you dont know if this horse was abused or not, though some people do abuse animals.

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