Sable Island horse photos at Dutesco Art

22 12 2006

Sable Island horses at Dutesco Art

Robert M. Dutesco captured some gorgeous images of Sable Island horses; see the rest of the exhibit here. (Link via A blog on all things normal)




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9 01 2007
Dolores D'Angelo

Where can these photos be purchased? I would like some prices, etc.
Thank you,

9 01 2007

There’s ordering info here:
Contact Peter Tunney:

9 09 2007

A lot of information about the Sable Island horses and lots of pictures at

9 04 2008

Hi, just wanted to know about the painting on top of your pages, name of the author please. Thanks

18 10 2011

It’s too late now but I can’t leave yr question unanswered. I found this painting striking as well and found it in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s by an artist call Rosa Bonheur 1853 and as far as I can tell from cursory searching, it’s the best thing she ever did.

5 10 2008

I saw the documentary on tv of Roberto taking the photos at Sable Island and was blown away by the beauty of the place, the horses and the soul of the man taking the pics. Thank you Roberto, for showing me a part of the world I had no idea existed and the uniquely beautiful beasts that so peacefully roam there. Michele

26 11 2008
Paul Rogers

Here is another website with some other interesting
pictures of the horses of Sable Island.

26 11 2008
Paul Rogers

Delete this comment/website address, Its in the wrong section.

17 01 2009


Could you please tell me the name of the painting or artist of the painting on top of your page.
May thanks,

18 12 2009

Would love to purchase prints? Possible?

22 01 2010

i saw a huge,over sized photograph by Roberto in a magazine of the Sable Island horses. I love your work. Thank you for your beautiful work! Cant wait to see more.


26 01 2010
Katie Cox

I watched the documentary of The Wild Horses on Sable Island & I truly loved every min of it, I had no idea there was such a place I was in awe the whole hour, it really was the most amazing documentary I have watched in quite a while, such beautiful amazing animals in their natural habitat.I really enjoyed watching the interaction between the hosrses and the camera man was priceless! Thx a lot! Katie

7 05 2012
brenda campbell

I saw pbs Roberto what a great story teller this is his purpose. Fondly a horse lover from arizona

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