Bridlepath gets reviewed!

23 12 2006

You can read the review at Bloggeries. I thought the comment about too many links in the blogroll was a fair one; I’ve turfed out a fair few already. Does it really look that funky in Internet Explorer? Usually I blog from my Mac, and when I’m on the PC I use Firefox. (Seriously, what the hell? Are people still using IE?!)




5 responses

23 12 2006
Halt Near X

Bloggeries’ layout breaks in Firefox, Netscape, Safari, and IE on my Mac–same issue they say they’re seeing with your site (nav menu at the bottom of the page). I can’t laugh too hard, because I know one or two of my sites are currently breaking in all sorts of browsers, but I do find this funny.

23 12 2006

Bridlepath looks fine in my browser (Firefox on PC), but Bloggeries site had the sidebar broken (as they said they see in Bridlepath, but I don’t). I opened IE 7 (which I have, but hate) and Bridlepath looked fine there also. So I don’t know where the Bloggery guys are coming from.

23 12 2006
Patricia Barlow-Irick

I found your extensive blogroll useful. I liked that it was diversified. Why shouldn’t you provide a portal to the rest of the world….. if you don’t provide links will that keep people on your site??? No. As an experiment comment out the sidebar and see if it keeps people on your site a second longer.

I keep my own extensive side bar lists because I like having my “favorite bookmarks” where ever I go. My links are more for me than for the world.

I use firefox so your site looks fine. I love the clean look.

I think their comments on content are totally off base. Like there is one way to do a blog??? They might have some kind of model in their mind, but it’s just a model in their mind and may or may not make Bridlepath more interesting. Bridlepath ALWAYS provides good content – usually the best of all the horseblogs out there. The only objection I have is that it is rather impersonal, but then, you know I want the authors to spill their guts to me and plumb the depths of their psyche on their blogs. It would be way too messy for most readers but infinitely pleasing to me.

25 12 2006

It looks great now, and I shall update the review and well done for removing a few of the links. Please don’t take my review in a harsh way and I am sure with a bit more unique content this blog can have lots of success. Even more than now!

Once again don’t take my review to heart, and have a Great Christmas!

25 12 2006

Hi Daniel,

Not a problem, and I did think the blogroll was becoming a bit unwieldy myself. I appreciate the link (and I’m a big girl, I can take criticism 😉 ). I’m happy to see any recognition for Bridlepath. Merry Christmas!

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