Lorenzo and his Camargue horses

27 12 2006

Unfortunately, I can’t embed it here, but please check it out anyway:


Update Jan 3/07: it’s shown up on YouTube, so here we are.

Brindle horses

27 12 2006

FRS Reckless Dan

FRS Reckless Dan, 1997 AQHA stallion

Some horses eschew spots and go straight for the striped look instead. According to Sharon Batteate, The Brindle pattern consists of a watery or drippy looking striping (sometimes just partial striping) over the body of an animal. It is more commonly seen in dogs or cattle. In horses, the pattern is extremely rare. Brindle has occurred in such diverse breeds as Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Quarter Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, German and Bavarian Warmbloods, Russian Horses, Spanish Horses, and also in Donkeys and Mules.

Regardless of where it comes from, it’s unique and gorgeous.

Dunbar's Gold

Dunbar’s Gold, 1996 AQHA stallion

Further reading

Sharon Batteate’s Brindle Horses website got the ball rolling several years ago, and still contains the most up-to-date information; lots of great photos too.

Brindle and Striped Equine International is a registry aiming to protect and promote these horses.

Article by Don Blazer at Equiworld.

Article by Jayne Pedigo at Equisearch.

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