Lorenzo and his Camargue horses

27 12 2006

Unfortunately, I can’t embed it here, but please check it out anyway:


Update Jan 3/07: it’s shown up on YouTube, so here we are.



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28 12 2006

Gosh. That was very pretty. And quite amazing.

8 01 2007

That was amazing, the horses all work well together, as well with you, the show was fantastic 😛

11 02 2007
Margaret Olson

I absolutely love horses. Having 2 when I was very young. This video was so inspiring. I could tell Mr. Lorenzo, not only trained but played with the horses.
The trust shown both in man and horse was so obvious.
My husband in not into horses like I am, but fell in love with this viedo and asked for me to save it. I would love to have a disc to download and see it at least once or twice a month. Thank you Mr. Lorenzo for allowing all to see what a wonderful man you are with horses. Sincerely, Margaret

12 02 2007

You and your horses are an amazing team! I hope to be a famous horse rider, a famous singer,a famous actress, and a famous Irish dancer. I have alot of dreams and I intend to chase a few. My two Welsh, P.O.A ponys names are Fly High Confettie and Fanfair Lilly! Thier full blood sisters ! I love them. Happy Valentines Day!

7 04 2008

Lorenzo and his horses are amazing.

By the way, videos of Lorenzo and many other fantastic horse shows can be found at

www. obatala.fr

3 05 2008
“White Mane” (Crin-Blanc) now out on DVD « Bridlepath

[…] Lorenzo and his Camargue horses […]

8 07 2008
Kate Southcombe

Hi there, Lorenzo certainly shows a certain magic with his horses, what an amazing performance and one to motivate us all to establish a connection with our horses at that level!
Just wondering if anyone knows more about Lorenzo and how to contact him?
Many thanks, Kate

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » “White Mane” (Crin-Blanc) now out on DVD

[…] Lorenzo and his Camargue horses […]

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