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1 01 2007

Homemade mosquito trap

Yes, I know the weather’s foul (at least in the northern hemisphere), but we’ve passed the solstice and the days will only get longer from here on out! Dream of warmer days and nights as you make yourself a mosquito trap; couldn’t you use a few of these? You’ll need a 2-litre pop bottle, black paper, sugar, yeast, and these instructions. I also found some instructions for DIY fly traps here and here, while here are some tips for dealing with wasps and hornets.

Top posts, 01-01-2007

1 01 2007

Top 14 posts according to WordPress statistics, for the 30 days ending 01-01-2007.

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  2. World’s largest horses
  3. Butterscotch, My Furreal Friends Pony
  4. Barbaro immortalized by Breyer
  5. Dutch rescuers try to save trapped horses
  6. Bridlepath Hall of Shame: the “big lick” TWH industry
  7. Barbaro update, and a challenge to those who say they love horses
  8. Barbaro update
  9. Yikes.
  10. Bridlepath gets reviewed!
  11. What is it, exactly…
  12. Brindle horses
  13. Why we care…or not
  14. Retired NYPD horses at centre of dispute

(Only 14 posts today, because that seems to be all that WordPress keeps track of now)

Happy New Year!

1 01 2007

help me Mom, originally uploaded by salgal.

Happy New Year to new and faithful readers alike! May 2007 be everything you hope it will be.

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