Horse of Kings magazine

4 01 2007

Horse of Kings

This magazine is pure eye candy; back issues are available online:

Our goal at Horse of Kings is to promote the Baroque Horse…whether it be the regal Andalusian, the romantic Friesian, the famous Lipizzan, the courageous Lusitano, or any of the sport-crosses of these ancient breeds.

We report on the historical significance of these royal breeds….and celebrate their emergence as modern-day athletes and partners, and as our most beloved and valued companions.

Our purpose is to promote the Baroque Horse in a global market… beyond the confines of politics and breed associations, and into the general horse-loving public. Not only do we reach horse-lovers who already recognize, own, and appreciate these unique horses, but we also carry the message of their beauty and versatility to a worldwide audience of potential new buyers.

In addition to our desire to spread the word about these remarkable horses, we want to bring you a publication that is artistic, thought-provoking, and visually stimulating. Throughout history, artists have found their creative and romantic inspiration in the Baroque horse, and we are certainly no different. We believe that a magazine can speak volumes through its artistic approach, and that the photos and and overall ambience of the publication can express what mere words could never describe.

We look forward to input from our readers and advertisers on how to make Horse of Kings the most eagerly anticipated new equine magazine of the millennium.

Horse of Kings

You may also be interested in Classical Dressage Journal, which focuses more on training than the competitive side of dressage.

Horse of Kings




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5 01 2007

be still my heart……… breath has been taken away by these beauties. Have you ever seen anything more stunning?

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