16 reasons to date a horseback rider

8 01 2007

Equestrians, do as you’re told, originally uploaded by ricktoomer.

  1. We have 4 speeds and many positions
  2. We wear tight trousers and tall boots
  3. We love getting dirty
  4. We know how to ride our mounts
  5. We perform well with animals
  6. We like to be in control
  7. We’ll ride it for hours
  8. We know how to handle a big girth
  9. We get off easy
  10. We’re always on top
  11. We like it rough
  12. We have our legs spread
  13. We love using whips
  14. Straddling is our natural position
  15. We don’t mind being bucked around
  16. Endurance riders do it longer, cross country riders like it fast, eventers do it three days/three ways, dressage riders like it with precision and elegance, but all riders like a good stalion!





21 responses

21 01 2007

HAHA.. me and my cuzin ride, and thats the most hilarious thing that i’ve ever read in my life… and damn its soo true!!!!! whoever came up with that is a complete and total genius, or a sick lunatic. whoever it was, kudos :]

6 02 2007

This is so funny! LOVE IT. im posting it on my myspace!!

28 02 2007
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4 03 2007

It’s SO Sexist! (was dreamed up by a man ,or a woman who thinks she has to Always please men;either way it’s childish and makes women look bad.)

12 03 2007

Oooh, somebody’s got some issues. What it looks like to me is that some women know what they want, and this is it. If that’s not what you want, and you’re an equestrienne, there’s nothing stopping you from writing your own list. Naturally, each list will be promoted by the people who find themselves within it. The world is big enough for more than once concept of femininity.

19 03 2007
paint loverrr x02

i thought it was pretty funny….
but i have to admit, and i have to agree that it does make women look bad..

but whatever

25 03 2007

Well its really funny but I understand how some one could see that its sexist.
but Im guessing whoever wrote it didnt mean to degrade women, they were just looking for a good laugh! 🙂

11 05 2007
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4 06 2007
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[…] 16 reasons to date a horseback rider […]

12 06 2007
Rebecca x;o

LMFAO degrading to women my ass!! not all riders are ladies!! haha… friggin hilarious.. good job whoever wrote it!!

12 06 2007
Rebecca x;o

degrading to women my ass!! not all riders are ladies!!.. that would be weird if it was directed towards men.. whatever good f**king job whoever wrote it!!

25 09 2007
Kate McCue

very good indeed! loved it

27 10 2007

i love this =]]

all the boys at skl laughed

1 02 2008

Now that the specs are clear, the marines can look for a few good (equestrian) women!

6 02 2008

So cool!!! I LOVED! As a woman I can tell that’s so true. Girl on top is the best part (10) … We rule the world. Girl power! 😉

3 04 2008

gr8 i love itt 😀 x

11 08 2008

I horseback ride, and i was absolutely dying reading this. xD

27 12 2008

bidfpajhufmatrhawell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

5 03 2009

Pretty funny tbh
on my bebo 🙂
Giggle 😀

20 05 2009

my girl freind is a horseback rider and she is beautiful and i got a hug from her i like to ride horses but i never get a chance!

8 10 2012
Jennie Symons

And now I feel wierd being an eventer…

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