Eventing podcasts

8 01 2007

From The Eventing Blog:

John Nunn, owner of longtime USEA sponsor Bit of Britain, has just launched a new website—The Talking Equine Network, at www.talkingequine.com. This site will host pod casts of Internet radio shows with interviews with top riders, veterinarians, show organizers, and other horsey big wigs from around the USA. The emphasis will be on “English” riding ( I’m hopng that means mostly Eventing!) but much of what is covered will be entertaining and interesting for all types of riders.

The site’s first interview—with David O’Connor, current USEF President and an Olympic gold medallist—will be available January 5. Upcoming guests will include Kim Severson, Stacey Kent DVM, Will Coleman, and Ritch Temple.



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