Horse rescue photo wins Zilveren Camera award

8 01 2007

Horse rescue photo

AMSTERDAM — Photographer Laurens Aaij was awarded the Zilveren Camera 2006 on Monday, an award that recognises the best news photo from the past year.

He took the winning photo at the end of October in the Friesland village of Marrum, where more than a 100 horses were left stranded by flood waters.

The photo, with a white horse in the centre, was described by the jury as a symbol of hope. “Standing proud amid a muddy misery.”

It was judged the best photo from 9,147 entries.




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28 02 2007
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[…] Horse rescue photo wins Zilveren Camera Award […]

13 03 2007
Ron Niemi

Beautiful video of the horse rescue. If possible, could someone please tell me the name of the background music – it is beautiful and I would like to buy it.

Ron Niemi

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