Barbaro update: section of hoof removed

15 01 2007


The Bloodhorse reports that Barbaro has had another section of his left hind hoof removed this weekend in order to decrease pressure on the coffin bone, and a cast placed on his right hind for extra support. Barbaro’s current treatment includes a return to the sling pictured in this photo taken in July.




3 responses

16 01 2007

awwwww. I hope this is just a preventive thing and not leading to something more serious. He still looks great tho. What a beauty he is!

30 01 2007
Ashley Cecil

I’m sure you’re working on the sombering news. If you’re interested, feel free to add my painting (at to your next post as an illustration. I’m in Louisville and this type of news is dear to my heart.


12 02 2008

I hate the poor horse died he sure was a good one! I wish he could of had foals!

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