Blogger help needed!

16 01 2007

On my Link to Bridlepath page, I’ve got instructions for adding image links in Blogger. MiKael pointed out (in the comments) that the instructions don’t work with the new version of Blogger; is there anyone out there using the fancified version who could tell us how it’s done, or if it’s even possible? Many thanks in advance. 🙂

And now, a completely gratuitous ‘toon about blogging (click to enlarge).

Yeah, it sure feels like that some days

Shout-out to PhotoBucket: we hates all the banner ads, we does.

Comfy Contact bits recalled

16 01 2007

Bit maker Neue Schule has recalled its Comfy Contact eggbut cheek and baucher cheek bits, after reports of them breaking in the middle during use.

“If you have purchased one of the above items between 1 September 2004 and 31 December 2005, you are advised to stop using it immediately,” Neue Schule’s website says.

It will refund or exchange the bits.

An alternative will be on the market in about two month’s time. Link (via HorseTalk)

Now that’s trust

16 01 2007

Stunt horses in NZ

Stunt rider Phil Tenburg rides two horses for a television commercial outside the St Johns bar in Wellington, New Zealand. Link

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