17 01 2007

Stuttgart German Masters- Dressage Winner

To quote one of the commenters over at YouTube: “Wow, is spettaculary!” Let’s use that word a lot in the future, shall we?



4 responses

17 01 2007

Isn’t it amazing how the Germans (and the Dutch for that matter) totally KICK ASS at this sport? Such class! (Is very spectacularly!! ha ha)

18 01 2007

I’m with you and Valkyrie. Spettaculary! I could watch dressage entirely. Forget American Idol, Football, news. Just give me Gran Prix dressage!

18 01 2007

This was absolutely stunning. Just breathtaking!

(Now we know what Forest Gump did after he and Ginny got married)

18 01 2007

There are no words for this beautiful dancing horse and rider…..
Extraordinarilly spettaculary!

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