21 01 2007

“Barding” refers to the armour and ornament on a medieval-era horse:

Japanese horse armour
Japanese horse armour

You can read a little about the history of barding here; she also has instructions for making your own (make sure your pop-up blocker is on first)

16thc. German barding

Here’s an example of barding from Germany, circa 1537, also with instructions for making your own.

If you’re not the crafty sort, Hightower Crafts has medieval-style saddles, stirrups, barding and chamfrons (heavy leather masks attaching to the bridle).

If you’re not into the re-enactment scene, you could (with a few modifications) have a way to transport donuts and spare horseshoes on those long trail rides:

Check out this spettaculary set from Mansour Designs:


Franga Designs also has some neat stuff; their new online catalogue is now up!

Finally, Brad Gorby at Geeb-o-rama takes us through the making of Breyer horse barding:




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17 05 2007
Franga Designs

Hi there, I am the webmaster of Franga Equestrian and Pet Boutique (Franga Designs), and I just wanted to let you know that our online catalog is working. Sorry for any convenience and feel free to contact us if you need custom barding or heraldry saddle blankets. Thanks for the mention!

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