TWH inspection group adopts tougher rules

21 01 2007

Ringmaster, originally uploaded by appaIoosa.

…but, y’know, this being TWH world, some good ol’ boys are gonna oppose it. The Gallatin-based Horse Protection Commission approved the tougher inspection rules that were proposed a few years ago by the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association; Wink Groover, incoming president of the Walking Horse Trainers Association, has said he would not support the tougher rules that are being considered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Groover has said that the disagreement comes with differing interpretations of how walking horses can be trained. Link

Shall we take a closer look at Mr. Groover? Yes, let’s. Oh wow, he was named Walking Horse Trainers Association Trainer of the Year in 1970 and 1992, very impressive. But–wait, what’s this? Horse Protection Act violations, you say?

1993 Federal Case, 12/01/93=11/30/94, HPA, USDA

2000 Industry Violation, Bilateral Sore, $600 fine, 9 month suspension, HPA, NHSC

2002 Industry Violation, Unilateral Sore & Foreign Substance, 04/15/02=04/28/02, HPA, NHSC

2002 Industry Violation, Unilateral Sore & Foreign Substance, 04/22/02=05/05/02, HPA, NHSC

2002 Industry Violation, 2nd Scar Rule, 08/01/02=09/30/02, HPA, NHSC

2002 Industry Violation, Scar Rule, 07/08/02=07/21/02, HPA, NHSC

Very naughty indeed. I can see why you’d be the man to lead the Walking Horse Trainers Association forward into a gimpy, prizewinning future. Here’s another ribbon for ya:


Rotin hell, you abusive bastard




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23 01 2007

Thanks for every blog entry that keeps this issue in the public eye. We need all the publicity we can get. This industry has to clean up its act.

5 02 2007
Jerry W. Harris

Can it be that the only way any of these people can make readers believe what they say is to not only bring up old news like this and show pictures that are older than my 28 year old son? Most of you are like the USDA and Dr. Gipson he sent me an e-mail and it went like this “What the Walking Horse Industry has accomplished will not remove the presure until they have demonstrated that they has an industry are serious about discontinuing the practice.” Now this makes no sense if they have accomplished as much as he said they had then it seems that as an industry they have shown they are doing just that.
As for all this negative press, why don’t you go check out some of the other industries that the USDA is protecting and will not inspect after all it is the Horse Protection Act, and as of right now the Walking Horse Industry is the only Equine Industry that has 100% of shows, sales and exhibitions inspected. Now when all the other industries follow the example of the Walking Horse then and only then will you have the right to point a finger.
Jerry W. Harris
What A Horse
P.S. I really don’t expect this to get printed, after all it’s the truth.

5 02 2007

I guess I don’t really understand what you’re saying here–that there are no more abuses going on? That Mr. Groover doesn’t have a fishy record? That it’s OK because other people are worse?

5 02 2007
Jerry W. Harris

You know exatly what I’m saying. Was there abuse yes, is there still abuse yes, I beleive about 2% which makes the walking Horse Industry 98% compliant. No other Equine Industry can say that and until they have every show, sale and exhibition inspected they never will.
It is like the sale this week end 5 horse turned down Friday night 3 from a non show horse barn and 1 on a young Amish boy trying to sale his pony that had a sweat crack, that leaves only 1 from a show barn, Saturday night there were 4 turned down, I don’t know much about these, but I think you get the picture. It is not always a Trainer that gives people some thing to talk about.
Jerry W. Harris

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