Horses on coins: China

23 01 2007

China coin

This silver beauty was produced in 1990 to mark the Year of the Horse.

Riding as exercise

23 01 2007

the cowboy and the surfer chick., originally uploaded by Ed Fladung.

From ISpy we have some musings on riding as exercise; also more proof, as if any were needed, that Dr. Phil is a pompous tool. (He says riding is good exercise for horses, not people) Seriously, isn’t he from Texas?! You’d think he knew better. Anyone wanna throw the good doc up on their liveliest horse and see if he breaks a sweat then? Real horse people, of course, know that riding, grooming, and the never-ending round of chores associated with equines burn a LOT of calories; a 130-lb woman will burn 58 calories just grooming her horse prior to riding, 79 calories in ten minutes of galloping, 64 calories in ten minutes of trotting (not sure if that includes posting or not), and 25 calories cooling the horse out afterwards. If you weigh more, you burn more, as it takes more energy to move a larger body. You can do your own calculations here.

Leslie at Women and Horses has some great musings on the rider’s body, and Kimberly at I Gallop On has a snazzy little video on using your core muslces to improve your seat. Yoga is great for improving balance and flexibility; if you’ve got a favourite exercise or strategy, please share it in a comment.


23 01 2007

What’s with all the sleepy horses lately?


From CuteOverload.

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