Horse Approved hosting Horse Lovers Blog Carnival Jan. 31st

25 01 2007

Horse Approved

Calling all horse bloggers!

Horse Approved will be hosting a Horse Lovers Blog Carnival on January 31, and your ‘umble correspondent has been asked to participate! If you’d like to be part of it too, submissions are due by January 30, 5 pm Pacific Time.

More wild horses shot in Alberta; police “zeroing in” on suspect

25 01 2007

wild horse peeking at me, originally uploaded by mezze.

Today’s Globe and Mail brings more sad news, but a flicker of hope as it looks like police are getting closer to nailing whoever’s been shooting wild horses:

Police say they are closing in on the person believed to be responsible for a series of wild-horse killings in Central Alberta, as a resident riding horseback in the same area stumbled on four more carcasses this week.

“I’m getting some good tips coming in,” RCMP Corporal Dave Heaslip said yesterday.

The livestock investigator, who was careful not to divulge too much information for fear of scaring off the suspect, is planning to put his other cases temporarily on hold over the next few days as he prepares the evidence, including the use of DNA.

“I want to get this guy,” Cpl. Heaslip said.

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New book: Give Me Mountains For My Horses

25 01 2007

Give Me Mountains For My Horses

Tom Reed has a real affinity for horses and wilderness, and it shows on every page in his true tales about trail riding, horse packing, and great mountain horses. Horse lovers will love this book, but Tom’s writing is transcendent. Even if you have never saddled up, you will be drawn into these heart-tugging stories of special horses, their remarkable abilities, and the inescapable bonds that develop between horses and humans.

More here; it’s available through Amazon.

Fawning over visitors

25 01 2007

Did you see these pics when they were doing the rounds awhile back? Of course, the whole set wound up on Cute Overload:


Well, if you like that, you’ll love this:

In June, a doe gave birth to her fawn in our barnyard. The two coyotes, mother and son, zeroed in on the fawn. The doe put up a horrendous fight to protect her fawn by driving off the coyotes, but she was losing the battle because one coyote would divert her attention while the other would circle back to the barnyard.

In moved our old mare to help. She stood guard over the fawn until the doe was able to drive off both coyotes. The doe seemed to accept Bonnie’s attention to her fawn. When the fawn finally slipped through the fence to follow her mother, Bonnie nickered over the fence for a long time.

The rest of the story, with another pic.

Btw, I thought long and hard about including the second story, as it’s part of the Animal Liberation Front site; please do not consider this link to be an endorsement of their tactics. Maybe it’s just the ski masks making me nervous, I dunno. 😕 I did think I owed it to my reader readers to mention it.

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