More wild horses shot in Alberta; police “zeroing in” on suspect

25 01 2007

wild horse peeking at me, originally uploaded by mezze.

Today’s Globe and Mail brings more sad news, but a flicker of hope as it looks like police are getting closer to nailing whoever’s been shooting wild horses:

Police say they are closing in on the person believed to be responsible for a series of wild-horse killings in Central Alberta, as a resident riding horseback in the same area stumbled on four more carcasses this week.

“I’m getting some good tips coming in,” RCMP Corporal Dave Heaslip said yesterday.

The livestock investigator, who was careful not to divulge too much information for fear of scaring off the suspect, is planning to put his other cases temporarily on hold over the next few days as he prepares the evidence, including the use of DNA.

“I want to get this guy,” Cpl. Heaslip said.

On Tuesday, a family of four horses — a stallion, mare, yearling and foal — were found shot to death and left to rot in the bush off a lease road near Sundre, about 130 kilometres northwest of Calgary.

The bodies were located about 10 kilometres from where skeletal remains of a mare and two foals were discovered earlier this month along a dirt service road.

Police believe all seven animals were shot some time in December or early January.

Now, at least 20 feral horses have been found shot dead in the Sundre area since September, 2004, crimes that Cpl. Heaslip believes are linked.

So do members of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society, a non-profit group that aims to protect the animals and has offered a $6,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

“It is chilling to think that the perpetrator is showing his contempt not only [for] the horses, but [for] society in general by killing again,” member Doreen Henderson wrote on the group’s website recently.

“It could be the work of a copycat killer, however, I think it is the same psychotic, trigger-happy individual, lifting his proverbial middle finger at everyone,” she continued.

There are perhaps 200 feral horses that roam the foothills and forested area along the eastern slopes of the Rockies, but the province says they are descended from domestic animals and does not consider them wildlife.

The wild-horse society wants the province to increase the penalties against those caught killing or abusing the animals.

Right now, the maximum fine for illegally killing a feral horse is $2,000.



11 responses

25 01 2007

I know Canada’s judicial system is a bit different than the USA’s but alike in most ways. Let me be the judge and jury on the perps case. I guarantee he will never see daylight again. What a waste…

11 02 2007
Debra Kerr

I am not involved with the WHS I am simply interested/concerned. It was suggested by an Ontario farmer that the person killing the horses could be a farmer wanting the dead horse for bait to lure the the real menaces which are the cougars and coyotes. Has this been considered. I also do not agree a $2,000 fine is a severe enough penalty.
D.A. Kerr

13 02 2007

my daughter and i have opend a web page on saving the wild horses of alberta we are both devestated about this and we will do are best to help and hopefully get some help on this.

14 02 2007

I am a horse person and love horses very much, i have a connection with the free world. there is a say that goes

” Think before you kill, A life is sacred”

I hope the proper authorties get this shooter or I might have to get a team together and catch this shooter old time civilian style. lol


5 03 2007

this guy is fucked in the head sorry to be vulgar but i have no other way of describing him these animals are beutifull and killing whole famillies i hope u rot buddy when they catch u i will laugh as prison time or a fine isnt enuf

7 03 2007
Jordy Threebears

I agree with sam. I think horses are real but i’m not quite sure.

7 03 2007
james mac


jordeythree bears im with ya on that one. in our la class we are reading a very interesting novel called winners. and it just so happens to be that you are one of the main charecters in that novel. i totally recomend that who ever sees this reads this novel it touches deep in your heart letme tell you. because of the wild horse that was saved from a terrible snow storme. its deep deep down i tell ya. im sure you will tear up when you read it . i know i did.

im out ttyl

7 03 2007
Beethor cole

I think everybody should agree with sam he seems to be very wise When it comes to horses. Ah screw it i dont no if horses are real.

7 03 2007

Jordy, james, and Beethor: are you real? Because you’re all posting from the same IP address. 😉

29 04 2007

Sundre and area is full of people from all over the country come to work. This could have been anybody. Hopefully they get the right person or person’s the first time they lay charges.Personally I would be thinking more about ballistics than D.N.A.

15 09 2009

that’s a good cause to use my photo for ( allthough you could have asked..)

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