New book: Give Me Mountains For My Horses

25 01 2007

Give Me Mountains For My Horses

Tom Reed has a real affinity for horses and wilderness, and it shows on every page in his true tales about trail riding, horse packing, and great mountain horses. Horse lovers will love this book, but Tom’s writing is transcendent. Even if you have never saddled up, you will be drawn into these heart-tugging stories of special horses, their remarkable abilities, and the inescapable bonds that develop between horses and humans.

More here; it’s available through Amazon.



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25 01 2007

Thanks for the book tip!

25 01 2007
john silveira

i love seeing these kindof things in the equine world. I’m a farrier in the Bay Area California for 16 years now . Love horses . Raised a Arab Stallion from the day he was born – owend his mother and full sister as well . i have a mission though. I’ve witnessed alot of horses being ruined from poor shoeing practices . it made me think why is it that farriers everywhere are not doing the right thing- well i went to one of the worlds greatest horseshoeing schools and when i graduated i just felt like there was something missing . Sure enough there was – something not taught in the textbooks either . So i compared every method of shoeing against all the others and vice versa and discovered something amazing that completes the shoeing picture and explains why no one really understands shoeing in general . You know if you go to chat rooms and forums and blogs on shoeing you’ll see they’re still all just arguing over things going nowhere and you just get the feeling like something’s missing in the industry – why is shoeing and the industry just NOT CLEAR ? well simply put they just need to get up to speed and discover for themselves more foot related issues and put it all together and come up with it for themselves as well . you know i have not had one single lame horse in my practice in over 16 years . Impressive – every kind of horse from endurance to saddle breds and percherons . works in all cases 100% , this is just the CORRECT way to shoe horses – once you understand ALL the intricacies of foot dynamics and growth and stimulation etc etc you’ll understand .
well anyway – it’s kinda become a mission of mine to get this information out to the public to save the horses everywhere. i could tell you some nightmare stories about shoeing that i’ve seen . it’s incredible and criminal .
so i’m giving consultation on this at no cost to people anywhere . feel free to get ahold of me .
thanks very much
john silveira

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