Equine herpes outbreak declared “officially over” in Florida

27 01 2007

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson announced Tuesday that the outbreak of Equine Herpes virus-type 1, which affected horses in Jupiter, Indiantown and Wellington, among other locations, has been brought under control.

There have been no new cases in three weeks of the virus, which killed six horses and infected 12 others who recovered with treatment.

“I credit the cooperation and proactive steps taken by the equine community and the quick response by the department’s division of animal industry with the end of this outbreak,” Bronson said. Link

More info from the horse blog world:

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The Jurga Report: EHV Found in Dutchess County, New York…Maybe?




One response

19 04 2007
African Horse Sickness spreads in South Africa « Bridlepath

[…] Equine herpes outbreak declared “officially over” in Florida […]

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