Horse news in brief, 2007-01-27

27 01 2007

Bailando a los saltos, originally uploaded by Eduardo Amorim.

Researchers are studying antibiotic-resistant staph in horses and humans…

Texas slaughterhouses continue to process horse meat for zoos and pet food…

Horse statues in Chicago have been wrapped with Bears-logo blankets in honour of the team’s upcoming Superbowl game…

Among the bizarre insurance claims received by Norwich Union (UK) last year: horses tried to eat a parked car…

One of Scotland’s most famous police horses has died in retirement after clocking up the longest track record of any equestrian public servant…

Someone’s been shooting horses in eastern Kentucky…

The trial of a doctor charged with injecting race horses with vodka is set to resume March 29 in Nebraska…

Seven women have embarked on a tour of the United Arab Emirates on horseback to spread awareness of Arabian horse traditions and raise money for charities…

Love the pink bridle





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14 08 2008
Arabian Stallions

That cleared up some confusion I had about my Arabian, great article

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