Top posts, 2007-01-31

31 01 2007

Greatest hits collection

Top posts for the past 30 days, based on WordPress stats.

  1. World’s smallest horse
  2. Dutch rescuers try to save trapped horses
  3. World’s largest horses
  4. Barbaro immortalized by Breyer
  5. Lorenzo and his Camargue horses
  6. Barbaro update, and a challenge to those who say they love horses
  7. And then there was one
  8. Apassionata with Andalusian stallion
  9. 16 reasons to date a horseback rider
  10. Why we care…or not
  11. Be careful what you StumbleWish for
  12. When Canadians compete
  13. Sable Island horse photos at Dutesco Art
  14. Mysterious photo
  15. Horse Lovers Blog Carnival
  16. Apocalypse Ponies
  17. Hoof Hearted
  18. Barbaro roundup
  19. Spettaculary
  20. No more horse slaughter in Texas

Award-winning documentary on life with Egyptian Arab horses

31 01 2007

The documentary “Life with Passion”, the story of Egyptian Arabs and two women who raise them, has won 2007 Best Biography Documentary Award. More info

Auctioned mini given back to owner

31 01 2007

A 10-year-old Chandler boy who offered to donate his miniature horse
for a charity auction will get to keep his pet, thanks to two generous

Last week Andrew Jentlie, who has diabetes, made one of the toughest
choices in his life. He offered to give up Zig-Zag, his miniature
horse for the past four years, to be auctioned in a benefit for the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Link (thanks raincoaster!)

Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

31 01 2007

Here are the posts, and they all look good!

The next one will be hosted here on February 7, 2007. We will be including a theme for this next carnival which is dedicated to Barbaro. If possible we would like you to submit posts related to Barbaro and/or Horse Health. If you don’t have posts with these topics go ahead and submit under the general category. The link for submissions is here.

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