New Zealand horses doing their part for charity

3 02 2007

A horse-powered charity fundraiser trotting up the South Island could have motorists thinking they have driven back in time.

The cavalcade will be on the road for more than a month, testing the stamina of both horses and riders.

About 30 horses and as many people are on the road, raising money for the Lion Rescue Helicopter which they say does a lot for horse people in the back country.

Five wagons and saddle-sore riders are taking six weeks to plod from Bluff to Picton. Link (with video)




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4 02 2007
ron mckie

How do we find this cavalcade?

6 02 2007

Really rubbish news item huh? The Otago cavalcade is actually an annual event. It takes different routes into what was the centre of the old Otago goldfields each year You can find more information at

6 02 2007
Down, across and up again « Bridlepath

[…] of Baltimore Down, across and up again February 6th, 2007 Those New Zealanders just won’t stay at home, will they? Genevieve and Kerrin Revell will circumnavigate New Zealand on horseback to raise money […]

8 02 2007
Ron McKie

The news item said this particular cavalcade was going all the way to Picton. We wondered how and where it would pass Chch. Perhaps the new item was wrong.

8 02 2007

I’m confused; are they just looping around and around? Thanks for the links, Viv; those sites could really use a simple map.

20 02 2007
Pat Bucelis

Hi there, I am the partner of Sean Haggarty who is on the Cavalcade going from Bluff to Picton. I have set up a website, I am in the process of putting the last week and a half photos on the site as well as an update. The group are currently in Oxford and I believe they will be having another rest day there tomorrow, Thursday, 22nd February. They will then take off for Rangiora then will head to Hanmer Springs and will go through Molesworth Station on the last part of their journey. Its difficult to know exactly where they will be on particular days as things can change quickly, weather, horses etc. For those of you who are asking, this is not your usual cavalcade, it’s a Horse and Wagon / Stagecoach cavalcade with outriders accompanying them also and to my knowledge will be the first time a stagecoach (Peter Robson of Winton and his 5 Morgan Horses) will have made this journey from Bluff to Picton, correct me if I’m wrong. The group are travelling anything between 15 and 50 odd kilometres a day. So for those of you who are trying to catch up with the group or need more information, have a look at my website or email me at
Hope this answers any questions. Many thanks, Pat Bucelis

20 02 2007

Thank YOU, Pat! I appreciate you coming by to clarify all that for us. 🙂 I’ll add you to the blogroll.

MORGANS! There are MORGANS participating! Must…find…out…more…

21 02 2007
Pat Bucelis

Great, glad I may have cleared up some questions. I’ve now updated my site with the daily log as of today, Wednesday 21 Feb. Tomorrow I’ll be putting more photos on the site. So…. watch that space…
As regards to Morgans, my partner Sean Haggarty is on the trip with his two Morgans, Meg and Bess, although they are having a short rest in Timaru for now. They are just 3 and 4 years old. Peter Robson breeds Morgans down in Lochiel, Winton, and had a team of 5 of his with him, one has been replaced with Megan and Tim Kelly’s Morgan, Candy, from their Morgan Horse Farm, Kelford Morgans, near Timaru. I have put some links on my website to other Morgan information.
Regards, Pat

26 02 2007

hi everyone, hope all is well. wish i was there. thinking of you all this is 4 ellwin and the girls. love belle xx

7 03 2007
New Zealand cavacade nearing the end of its journey « Bridlepath

[…] intrepid New Zealand friends will be in Picton after the weekend; they’ll have raised over $8000 for charity. Story here […]

25 04 2007

Thank You

31 07 2007

Great Charity! Good work

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