Do you recognize these horses?

5 02 2007

Saddlebred Rescue is asking for help in identifying some of their charges, most of whom came from auctions. The more information they have about these horses and their history, the easier it will be to rehab them for new homes. See if there’s a new friend there for you while you’re at it. (Link via HorsesDiary)



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5 02 2007

This is very useful information,thank you for putting this nice piece of info for us to read.

6 02 2007

omg what gorgeous horses. who could have mistreated them so horribly?

I do not know many SB’s I didnt recognize any of them but Id love to have one come live w/ me in Oklahoma!

11 05 2007
Do you recognize this horse? « Bridlepath

[…] Do you recognize these horses? […]

21 09 2007

Hi all!

Such is life.

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