Your dream ride?

5 02 2007

Verso la meta- Toward the destination, originally uploaded by *Elle*.

Finequine asks: If you could ride any on God’s green earth you wanted (past or present) but had to pick just one which would it be?

Their answer: Smart Little Lena. I don’t think I’d stay on him 😉 so I opted for Figure. Visit Finequine and post about your dream ride (great cutting horse videos too).




2 responses

6 02 2007

Strawberry from The Magician’s Nephew. If a real horse, Ruffian.

And I’d ride over a golf course. How can any rider pass one of these and not want to kick all the golfers off for a good gallop? The grass is perfect and all the holes have big flags in them!

6 02 2007

Oh god yes, aren’t they a colossal waste of prime real estate?

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