The next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

7 02 2007

…will be ably hosted by Lynda at Hoofbeats! Herewith the guidelines:

This blog carnival falls on Valentines Day. The perfect time to share with everyone stories of love ( for horses). This is a great time to write about the stories that made you the horse person you are today, stories of the horse/human relationship, childhood memories, stories of people dedicated to horses, tributes to horses that have changed your life. You get the idea. Of course all horse friendly submissions are welcome. If your post doesn’t fall under a specific category just select the “general” category. I am really excited about this carnival and can’t wait to read all of the articles. For this carnvial you can submitt up to 2 articles. I know how horse lovers are when we get talking about our love for horses, it’s hard to shut us up 😉

You can submit up to two articles for inclusion HERE. Now, please, don’t be shy. 🙂 We LOVE discovering new horse blogs! If you feel like you don’t know us (is there an us?), or you’re new to blogging, so what? Now’s your chance to meet people and generate some traffic.

The truth about horse people

7 02 2007


  • Believe in the 11th Commandment: Inside leg to outside rein.
  • Know that all topical medications come in either indelible blue or neon yellow.
  • Think nothing of eating a sandwich after mucking out stables.
  • Know why a thermometer has a yard of yarn attached to one end of it.

Read the rest at Indy’s blog.

Horse teeth and climate change

7 02 2007

Horse Teeth, originally uploaded by wparson.

By examining the fossil teeth of prehistoric horses, scientists have been able to learn more about how the climate changed millions of years ago. They analyzed oxygen and carbon isotopes contained in the samples; oxygen isotopes told the scientists at what temperature the teeth were formed and carbon isotopes revealed the relative humidity, the University of Florida said in a statement.

Using isotope data and precise locations and dates for the fossil teeth, the researchers were able to pinpoint the details of the transition, the biggest climate change since the end of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago. Read more

(Pop quiz, readers! How old is the horse in the photo?)

Will new track surface reduce injuries?

7 02 2007

Arlington Park racecourse in Illinois plans to replace its dirt running surface with a new synthetic surface called polytrack. Polytrack, made of wax-coated sand, synthetic fibers and recycled rubber, is considered safer for horses and jockeys. In 2005, eight horses were injured on Arlington’s dirt track; the year before, there were 13 breakdowns. Thoroughbred injuries in racing have come under a lot of scrutiny in the past year, as you know; with luck, polytrack might be part of the answer. Link

Equine genome mapped

7 02 2007


The International Horse Genome Sequencing Project announced today that the first draft of a complete equine genome has been completed and deposited in databases around the world. What this means is that they have coded all the nucleotides in equine DNA and idenitified all the genes within it; this should lead to a better understanding of genetic diseases in horses, and perhaps even the relationship between different breeds. This article explains it better than I ever could; I know how horse colour genes work and that’s about it…

Horse Lovers Blog Carnival II

7 02 2007

At The Very Heart Of Where The Action Is, originally uploaded by drp.

Welcome to the February 7, 2007 edition of horse lovers blog carnival.


Damian McNicholl presents Barbaro posted at Damian McNicholl’s Blog, saying, “Hello,
I thought you might like this article I wrote about Barbaro as well as the great horses I remember from my boyhood. I’m an Irish author living now in Pennsylvania and, as you can imagine, his loss was especially hard here.”

everyrider presents Barbaro – Rest in Peace posted at Every Rider, saying, “Thanks!”

Lynda Polk presents Where have all the heroes gone? posted at Hoofbeats, saying, “A short but thought-provoking perspective.”

Defrost Indoors presents Breeding out the usefulness? « Bridlepath posted at Bridlepath, saying, “Some thoughts on the state of the TB industry, and why these breakdowns are becoming far too common.”

MiKael Caillier presents MiKael’s Mania – Arabian Horses: Barbaro posted at MiKael’s Mania – Arabian Horses, saying, “The blogging about Barbaro has been all over the place from those who loved him to those that think he was just a horse. What does it all mean?”

Halt Near X presents Comments, Twelve-Month Pseudo Update, and Barbaro posted at Halt Near X.

Horse Health

Riderone presents Coming Home Today posted at Women and Horses, saying, “Getting adjusted to the idea of lameness, ill-health, etc, of one’s horse.”

Sierra Lynch presents To Know If Your Horse Has A Breathing Problem, You Must First Know This posted at Horse IQ, saying, “Equine upper respiratory issues and how to tell if your horse has one.”


Chris Dolley presents chrisdolley: Animals Behaving Typically (i.e. Badly): Part Eight (A Gelding Too Far) posted at Author Chris Dolley’s Page.

joanne presents Hints for Horseback Riding Vacations posted at Vacations with Kids, saying, “If everyone in your family loves horseback riding, you are in for many fun family vacations, because horseback riding is an easy activity to incorporate into many family vacations.”

Mona presents Horse Approved » Finding Colorful Clue – Have You Seen Me? posted at Horse Approved.

K.J. presents What’s your dream ride? « Finequine posted at Finequine, saying, “I love all kinds of riding, and have a dozen favorite breeds… but nothing like riding a good cuttin’ horse…”

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