Guinness Horse Surfer Ad

11 02 2007

And now, a commercial from a maker of *real* beer. 😉

Don’t forget!

11 02 2007

Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

The next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival will be ably hosted by Lynda at Hoofbeats! Herewith the guidelines:

This blog carnival falls on Valentines Day. The perfect time to share with everyone stories of love ( for horses). This is a great time to write about the stories that made you the horse person you are today, stories of the horse/human relationship, childhood memories, stories of people dedicated to horses, tributes to horses that have changed your life. You get the idea. Of course all horse friendly submissions are welcome. If your post doesn’t fall under a specific category just select the “general” category. I am really excited about this carnival and can’t wait to read all of the articles. For this carnvial you can submitt up to 2 articles. I know how horse lovers are when we get talking about our love for horses, it’s hard to shut us up 😉

You can submit up to two articles for inclusion HERE. Now, please, don’t be shy. 🙂 We LOVE discovering new horse blogs! If you feel like you don’t know us (is there an us?), or you’re new to blogging, so what? Now’s your chance to meet people and generate some traffic.

The wild horses of Abaco

11 02 2007

On the small Bahamian island of Abaco, there is a dwindling band of wild horses. Descended from a strain of Spanish Barb, they are considered by many to be the most endangered breed in the world: only 8 horses survive on the island today. Read more about them.

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