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18 02 2007

I switched to WordPress’ “Freshy” theme tonight. You like? You’ll also notice a couple of additions to the sidebar: a list of the most popular links clicked on by visitors, as well as a map (way down at the bottom). Please add your location! If you’re a new reader, or a regular with a short memory, feel free to explore the archives and leave comments here, there, and everywhere; there’s sooo much neat stuff to read. Take a button for your own site (they’re free). Here at Bridlepath, we’ll do anything to entertain and educate you. 😉

Update (2/22): I’ve removed the “What people are clicking on” widget temporarily, as WordPress is having a glitch generating the stats for that. In the meantime, I’ve added a tag cloud page (all love and accolades to engtech, who crafted the code for us WordPress folk!). If you’ve got a WP blog and want to add this feature, it’s here.

Also, what do people think of the Snap! feature, which opens a little bubble when you hover the cursor over a link? Useful? Irritating? I’m asking because it’s an optional doobie, which I’d be happy to disable if enough people hate it.

Update (2/24): I took the damn map off because it was slowing everything down and driving me crazy. Sorry.



4 responses

18 02 2007
Kristina Meyer

Thanks for the add to your blogroll–the new design looks great!

20 02 2007

I like it too. It’s very clean.
I added my spot on the map but just rushed through it and didn’t get my name on the place. Duh. Sorry, I’m a bunch of longitude and latitude numbers, I guess.

21 02 2007

I found your blog via

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I agree with you on your post and I honestly do not understand or comprehend how almost every single one of the people posting a comment on that blog posting seems to be in agreement that no matter what, the customer is always right, even if they’re trying to rip you off, do it because it will mean staying a float. What kind of logic is that? The one thing I learned is that it’s nearly impossible to make every single customer happy. Surely you can mitigate a situation by talking nice to them and being all hanky panky but when it comes to someone trying to rip you off or being just plain dumb, as your comment stated, you have to draw the line some where! BTW, I experience those types of customers on a daily basis at work. I fix computers for a living and as you said, when was the last time you could call Toyota and say that my 1992 Toyota Tercel broke and I haven’t changed the oil or spark plugs since I first got it, YOU need to support your product and give me a new one RIGHT NOW! They’d laugh you off the phone so quick… Anyhow, just thought I’d let you know someone agrees with you since so many people on that blog seems to be in disagreement.

22 02 2007

Hi Nocturnal,

Wow, I appreciate you coming over here to chat about that. 🙂 That’s awesome. God, yes, customer service is the hardest job there is, and I say that as someone training to be a high school teacher, where I also see the consequences of that whole ugly entitlement mentality embodied in “the customer is always right.” Sometimes, yes, we’d run into issues at work where a customer’s problems *were* our fault; we unfortunately employed one a-hole hardware tech who made everyone’s lives a burden, users and staff included. He was an equal-opportunity miseryguts. Other than him, though, I can honestly say we provided the best and timeliest hardware and software support anywhere, and it was always confounding to have some la-de-dah user demand the sun, moon and stars, like the witch who demanded someone’s home phone number. She was outraged, OUTRAGED I tell you, that the tech had the nerve to not be there, and that I had the nerve to refuse to provide a home number…

Stories? Oh aye, I got a million of ’em…

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