Girl killed during rodeo parade

22 02 2007

A five-year-old girl was killed after falling off her horse at the Tucson Rodeo Parade. Apparently her horse was spooked by another team of horses and threw her. Link Dammit. I wonder if she was wearing a helmet, and if not, why the hell not.



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23 02 2007

A tragic and unnecessary death. Sure (and you don’t know whether she was or was not wearing a helmet) responsible parents would have told a young child to wear a helmet. But remember – the reason why people in the US do not all wear helmets is that, unlike Europe, you Americans are lucky enough not to live in a “Nanny State” where Big Government rules your every move. Just try to ride in Britain, where the craven British Horse Society tells riders to wear fluorescent costumes on the highway in broad daylight rather than stand up for riders’ rights. Or Sweden, where proposed legislation might make not just helmets but body protectors mandatory for adult trail riding. Yes, even for walking rides. That’s where you will go when the “safety mafia” takes over.

23 02 2007

A little girl of 5 is too young to be riding in a parade by herself. The article even says that. The runaway wagon that caused the accident may not have been avoidable, but an older child or an adult would probably have been able to react faster. I’m not sure why Jon Benet Ramsey crossed my mind when I looked at the picture of a miniature rodeo queen. Parents should realize that even if a child that young can ride the family horse around the arena, and even a horse that “cares” for its young riders, an environment with as much going on as a parade is no place for kids to be riding without supervision. My sympathies to her parents.

28 02 2007

Wow this amazes me. How terribly tragic for the family. My kids are not allowed on a horse EVER without a helmet.

20 03 2007
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