Starving horses were part of an unusual breeding program

22 02 2007

This is just weird, not to mention sad and infuriating. An Australian vet, Jilie Tilbrook, has been accused of starving her horses, although she blames the ongoing Aussie drought for the horses’ condition. Apparently she was trying to breed for the brindle pattern using progeny of the unusual Thoroughbred stallion Catch A Bird. Although she will likely lose her vet credentials and may be facing jail time, her main worry is that the horses will be dispersed to rescue homes and the breeding program lost. Link

(Aside: what’s weird genetically is that Catch A Bird’s progeny look like true roans [scroll down–not all the horses on that page are his, btw], a gene heretofore undetected in Thoroughbreds, and some have odd coat textures…)

Catch A Bird

Catch A Bird (Noble Bijou x Showy Countess)

Update: Apparently this neglect had been going on for quite a while, with many people trying to get the authorities involved to no avail. Once people started bringing hay for them, the RSPC of Australia couldn’t get involved because now they were being fed. UNBELIEVABLE.




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22 02 2007

I wonder how she thought she was going to preserve these genes if the horses died from starvation. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Wonder what her grades were like from vet school.

22 02 2007

Yeah, this is quite baffling to me; you wouldn’t think a vet would let her horses get like that. As for the drought, I’m sure hay is expensive but available for god’s sake. I’m going to track this story down and see if I can’t get a deeper picture, so to speak.

22 02 2007

very unusual looking. I am not a fan of brindle markings on any animals but the brindle horse is growing on me…………

22 02 2007

I forgot to add the so-called vet needs her license yanked forever. What kind of a person lets a horse get that emaciated? no excuse. No way she can justify her horses looking like this. Especially if they are supposed to be breeding stock. An elderly horse, sure they can have weight issues but geesh, these horses are starved!

We have had a huge drought in Oklahoma, some horse owners are feeding a full feed and cubed alfalfa or alfalfa pellets. Surely in Austrailia they have full feed for horses. Maybe it is more expensive because of the drought? I have no idea, I hate to see a starving horse!

22 02 2007

This woman is a “sick puppy”. Her horses are emaciated and breeding emaciated stock is doubly abusive. I agree with barngoddess that her license should be pulled and certainly hope that she’ll be put in jail. Without doubt, if I were the judge she came before and I had the authority to do so, I would see to it that all animals in her custody were seized, rehabilitated and placed with new owners.

23 02 2007

This isn’t the woman that owns Catch A Bird right? This woman owns some of the roan offspring? CAB was also rescued from starvation but the owner didn’t want to breed him because the only way she could was to promise any roan offspring to the owner and she didn’t want to do that. Although there is no way that that (former owner) could have any claim on roan offspring produced by OUTside mares…

At any rate I hope this woman gets full punishment and these horses are sold to someone who can appreciate their uniqueness and take proper care of them. It would be a shame to lose the only roan TBs in the world because of a moronic and twisted owner.

25 02 2007

The business of not being able to intercede once the horses are being fed is a common loophole in the US too. It varies from state to state, but when I was growing up, we were trying to shut down a rental stable in Massachusetts which starved the horses but kept grain and hay on the property. Inspectors had to note it, and the cases went nowhere.

Also, I tend to get squeamish about ANY program which concentrates comepletely on color. There’s brindle in Americna Quarter Horse–why nother with Thoroughbred?


26 02 2007

This woman needs to be jail , i live Australia and the whole country hasn’t turned to dirt like some would like others to believe , and yes we have feed that is readily bought to feed these horses , this woman is just sick , and yes she use to own “catch the bird” but sold him threw “horse Deals” last year saying he was sterile , But his new owner has put weight on him and he is back serving mares from what we have all been told, he was in bad condition when bought from this so called vet and yes she has been deregistered

15 03 2007
Glenda Wright

I have several quality registered horses in Kentucky. I called 13 agency’s for help with hay or funds. Do you think any one would help? NO!!!! What is a person supposed to do if they need help?? Any thoughts would be appreciated.. Horselover

16 03 2007
Christine Heard

The unfortunate part of this is that Julie Tilbrook has now gone down the “mental illness” path so will most likely avoid prosecution, and will have the horses returned to her in 28 days. Unfortunately, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in Victoria is pathetic, and where a vet is concerned, there is nobody prepared to stand up and say that the horses are starving (vets stick together). Apparently dated photographs and dated digital video are not enough evidence of cruelty and neglect. We are all suffering in Australia, and yes, it is expensive to feed horses during a drought, but if you can’t look after them, don’t have them!!!

2 05 2007
jane dough

I have three of this womans horses. i have had them on lease for 3 years. I know people who also have some of her horses on lease. These horses are historically significant for australia as the standardbred lines (which we have leased) are rare if not the only pure “colonial” standardbred horses left in Australia. This means no imported blood since 1949 (Gay Reveler).
They are part of the “COBB & Co.” transport horse company of early Australian history. The roan horses are not by “Catch a bird” but are out of standardbred roan mares (U.S.A. blood), also rare because of their colour. ( We are lucky to have one of Julie’s roan fillies). Catch a Bird’s progeny look entirely different to the roan horses in the pictures. I think Julie started out with the best of intentions but unfortunately got out of control. Her refusal to sell horses was all because of her fear that they bloodlines would be lost and people would not understand the significance of her work.
She gets no defence from me as she has been an extremely difficult person to deal with over the years and should have known better than to allow her horses to get into that state. This cruelty has been going on for years and years and when we leased her horses they came to us in the same condition as the horses in the pictures. Thankfully they are all in good condition now but it has been hard work both physically and psyhcologically for the horses. They were very “messed up” in their heads with human trust issues. its not just the physical stuff with prolonged starvation.

17 05 2007
New charges for Aussie vet who starved horses « Bridlepath

[…] woman accused of starving her horses faces further charges of mistreating wildlife on her Lara […]

18 05 2007
janet dough

I also leased horses from Julie Tilbrooke around 5 years ago and things weren’t much better then. Origianally going to her property to look at a standardbred gelding she advertised for sale that had just been returned to her that was a racing prospect. When arriving at her property in which she did not hesitate to introduce herself as “Doctor Julie Tilbrooke” I’m a vet. T
he first thing i saw was a brood mare with a new born foal tied to her front fence with no water or feed, it was very clear she had been there for a period of time as she had pored at the hard bare ground long enough to dig a deep hole and wear the toes of her front hooves rite back to her soles. But she was lucky, she was in the shade at least as around the corner she had a grey mare clearly heavy in foal tied to another mesh fence, in the direct sun again no water or food. On inspection this mare had not even started to wax up never the loan bagged up. I asked Julie why she was chained up, her responce was I”m going to bring her on today when I get to her, I then asked why is there something wrong she hasn’t bagged up or anything. Julie then proceeded to tell me that her mares foal when she wants them to that she rearly lets them foal naturally, and that she new this one still had about 6 to 8 weeks before she was due but she (Julie) didnt have time to wait for a late foal and wanted the mare to have it now so she could be served again. I was shocked. Thats one of the first things i had been tought about breeding horses is never to bring a mare on unless there is something seriously wrong, it is to risky to both the mare and the foal.
All I was thinking even that early was my god this woman is some kind of mad proffessor.
Any way aafter she showed me the gelding in which you could clearly see had not long been sent home as he had a lovely shine to his coat and was still reasonably fit, she then proceeded to show us the 25 or so yearlings and 2yo’s she had stuffed it about a 1/4-1/2 acre paddock with not a blade of grass and 1/2 a small round bale of hay in which they shared with a couple of rugged looking cows. She said to us then that the horses were on rations as her feed bill was up to $10,000 then.
Feeling sorry for these horses i tryed to buy a couple of her young stock and asked how much she wanted for a yearling and a 2 yo? she startled me with I want $1500 for the yearlings and $2500 for the 2yo’s and wouldn’t take anything less.That was just for the standardbreds.I told her to forget it, I refused to pay that kind of money for horses in that condition.
After a while we negotiated That i could have the gelding if myself and a friend took at least 1 yearling or 2yo on lease each for 5 years with a book of rediculous clauses attached, but she also had the cheek to say she had to come and inspect our properties to make sure they were suitable homes for her horses before we could take any from her, in which she did. I think she nearly feel over when she saw the grass in our paddocks.
That wasn’t the worst, when we went to pick the horses up she told us on the phone she would worm and file there teeth before they could go from her property which was fine but when we got there she punch 1 of the yearling as hard as she could in the nose because it was pushing to the front and she didnt want her yet, she then sedated these poor horses to the point that they were colapsing and proceeded to stomache drench them and file there teeth with the oldest roughest file i’d ever seen.
I nearly threw up. She then got angry with me because I asked why she sedated them to do these basic tasks. With that she replyed with a snap I wont work with any horses if there not sedated.
At this point I nearly just drove off only the fact that these horses didnt deserve to be left in those conditions to starve or be druged to death I kept my mouth shut until we got them on the float in which we had to more or less lift them on they were so out of it they still couldnt walk.
As we went to drive off she tHrew something in the back of my car and said you might need this on your way home if they play up. I didnt stop to look what it was I just drove out.
I stopped up the road in tears after seeing what i had and thought I had better see what she put on my back seat. It was a syringe full of this seditive. Now for one I dont use any drugs on my horses and 2 I’m a licenced harness racing trainer and just having something like this in my car can get me suspended and fined. So i stopped at the first public toilets I could find and squirted it down the toilet and put the syringe in the sharps bin.
This turned into a story not a comment I know but this women I dont even know how to describe her.
To be a vet and treat animals they way she does is unforgivable and unexcusible.
I know of alot of people in the harness industry that tryed to buy horses off her but she wouldn’t drop her prices & you can buy nice standardbreds broken and ready to go for those prices and in good condition but because she is so stubborn and greedy these horses in which could have gone to good homes and given a chance have been left there to liturally rot.
I also can not fathum how a vet could be so irrisponceable as to bring mares on to foal especially ones that are so far from being due. oh and by the way I rang her a couple of weeks after she bought the gray mare on and asked her how they were she told me the foal died just after birth and the mare was sick too but had no idea why.
I did go to the autharities about the way the animals where being treated and there conition but nothing was done way back then.
The biggest thing I want to know is who is backing her so called breeding program or should I say inbreeding pogram, (one of the horses I leased was by her full brother), who has been supplying her with the drugs of funds ect. to do what she does, she was screaming broke 5 years ago and from what I have seen since nothing has changed.
This woman should go to jail for a very long time and its about time something was done about her she is nothing but a menice.

18 05 2007

That woman is nuts! She clearly is a psychopath and not to be mean or anything, but if you can’t afford to feed your registered horses than perhaps you shouldn’t own or at least cut down. Especially these days. As much as I would love to have more horses, I know my limitations and what I clearly can afford to feed and keep healthy.

19 05 2007
janet dough

By the way Jane Dough,
I dont know how much of Julies ramblings of how rare her breeds are but as far as the roan is concerned they are not as rare as she would leave you to believe. There is quite alot around if you look its just that the standardbred has been so wrongly regarded as an inferier bred for so long that no-one that wasn’t in the harness industry took any notice of the amount of roans or colored horses that there really is.
For instance there is a fella in NSW that apparently has had roans for years and I have a black mare here that has an unusual dapple through her coat and the odd fleak of white here and there. It wasnt until we did a detailed seach of her family that we realised 90% of her family are roan or even skewbalds or paints and although she is not a true roan herself without any help from us except put her to a up and coming stallion to bred for racing purposes her first foal is a lovely red bay with to white stockings and a full blaze but as she is getting older now a yearling she is looking more roan every day with grey flecks all over her body and has an unusual white mark on the top of her shoulder that looks like a hand print.
My point is they are out there its just that people in harness racing dont bred these mares to try and produce these colors they bred for speed as we have, and look what we got imagine what we could get if we put her to a stallion like roarshoch(sorry dont know how to spell that) for example.
I think Doctor Tilbrooke is the rare one in that breed

29 05 2007

I keep coming back to this article and just cant for the life of me imagine how somone who had the know how and ability to know right from wrong could allow this to happen to her horses. Its absurd at best. I hope they throw the book at her.

4 06 2007
jane dough

to janet dough
I am really glad to hear that the roan standardbred is not as rare as julie made out to be. It is good that there are other horses around that will, keep the colour going if julie’s end up dead. I have had very similar if not the same experience when i went to her stud 3 years ago. horses were chained to fences, living in crowded conditions with no food and she professed how broke she was but refused to sell me her horses when i offered money for them. she also saaid that her feed bill debt was $20,000 to me. intresting that it had got that high and the horses were so starved. do you know anything about the may court date results???

5 06 2007
janet dough

To jane doe,

Thats one of the things that makes me so furious is the fact that this person that is trained to care for and treat sick animals can be so shameless in what she does. Also the fact that she has so many people convinced that the majority of the horses she had there were for this breeding program to try to carry the colour of “catch a bird” which would mean that they should be mainly thoroughbreds but how come out of all the weanlings, yearlings and 2yos that she had when I went to her property about 98% of them where standard breds all by classic garry or colonial pursuit who is by classic garry as well. Now tell me how that is trying to preserve any kind of colour. I might be wrong but I’ve gone through the classic garry line and i couldn’t find colour through his lines. yes she has or had 1 maybe 2 mares that have color through there lines but apart from that its got me stumped.
As far as court she didnt turn up at court on the 30th of may but her lawyer aparently said she is going to fight the charges and got an adjornment for another mention in august and the trial has been set for september and is ment to go for a week. Thats all I can tell you about that from what I read in the geelong advertiser under court results.
What I want to know is if she is so broke that she cant feed her horses how the hell is she going to afford to pay a lawyer to fight the charges????
Something to think about!!1

5 06 2007
jane dough

good to hear from you. intetresting. i got another letter from julie today (registered post). She wants me to sign some stat decs., in her handwriting and her words to confirm that i have not intentionally injured her horses and that i have honoured the leases as far as worming, teeth, feet etc… She also states that she may bring up my name as a contributor to the reason her horses have ended up in this state. Probably thinks that she can somehow implicate me because i surrendered leases early on four of the seven horses i had on lease. If she wasnt so difficult to deal with i would still have the four horses. She also states that i may be called to court. She tries this intimidation tactic all of the time. i have reams of her abusive letters. im over it and going to see my lawyer about it. what the…..????

9 07 2007
janet dough

Hi Jane Doe,
Sorry I havent got back to you before now.
It is all very interesting you know I got a phone call from HRV about a week after i last wrote they wanted to know about the roan mare a leasee known to both of us has. Apparently Julie has been enquiring about when the leases are due to expire and wants all leased horses back especially coloured ones and spun them afew whoppers to get them to do the chasing for her.
What ever you do dont let her intimidate you I wouldnt think you would be stupid enough to sign state decs in which she has written for her benafit. As long as the horses are being suitably cared for by you she hasnt got a leg to stand on and if it comes to her trying to get you to court as a witness she would be pretty stupid you can tell her i’ll come and testify too but if she thinks it would be benificial to her she is very much mistaken as nothing i would have to say would be good for her.
Anyway the other reason I am writting is there was a really interesting artical on a site that we look at about coloured pacers.
If you go to :
Look for a blue square called Features of the week, click on Pedigree Profiles with Frank Marrion. Go to the second page the 3rd story down it says coloured pacers make a comeback (31st Jan 2007) read this artical as this is the breeding as my mare that i was saying has the filly with hand print.
I thought you would be interested and hope you injoy it there is a great photo of the latest coloured foal from this line.
Til next time and good luck Janet Doe

17 08 2007
Nick Hall

In reply to Glenda Wright, I am afraid that both you and Julie Tilbrook appear to be surrounded by people who would prosecute third world parents for having thin children in a famine!

Let me ask those of you who are so condemnatory a question. Why is the RSPCA prosecuting instead of offering help, feed, medicines, veterinary treatment etc?

Could it be that there would be no heart wrenching publicity to be gained from helping, but lots and lots of media time and space to be gained from a prosecution and that of course can be equated to free advertising.

How much does it cost for a full column in national papers or a slot on primetime news? Hmmm?

Can I suggest that you all remember that there isn’t one of us that doesn’t need help at some time in our lives. Where would you turn if you lost your job, became ill, had a death in the family?

Now I am not in Australia, but I assume that you have a similar legal system to ours in the UK, one that presumes innocence until proven guilty?

And yet many who have posted here are assuming that the prosecution claims are absolute and calling for Ms. Tillbrook to be struck off as a vet, her animals to be confiscated and distributed and for Ms. Tillbrook to be slung in jail.

Not one has qualified their comments with “if she is found guilty”. Have any of you asked yourselves how you would feel if you were in this situation? If YOU believed in YOUR innocence?

In reply to Janet Dough, you ask how Ms Tilbrook is going to pay a lawyer to fight the charges. Does that mean that the poor should be guilty by default? Or that those without ready cash should plead guilty since no lawyer will defend them irrespective of guilt or innocence?

Here in the UK we have a major problem of guilt presumed over innocence. We get the same comments in the press and on internet forums that condemn before trial. If the accused cannot afford a lawyer and does not qualify for legal aid the courts will usually find them guilty as the RSPCA are considered to be the experts on animal welfare.

There seem to be similarities between the behaviour, attitude and activities of the RSPCA in Australia and the UK.

How much of the Australian RSPCA can you recognise in the articles on this site:-

18 08 2007
Ellen Ash

I would also ask why the RSPCA did not offer help. It is certainly not easy to get hay in NSW. To get good hay is even more difficult. To get alfalfa is also extremely expensive. Rain is very unpredictable and there are areas of Australia which have been in constant drought for almost 7 years, even when rain has fallen close by. I am surprised to think that visitors to Julie’s place would expect hay to be lying around everywhere. During drought animals are fed hay in meal allotments. Owners cannot allow them to graze constantly as they would on grass. Owners feed to keep them strong but not fat.
I have had no acquaintance with Julie Tilbrook but I know people in NSW who have been extremely stressed by this prolonged drought. Among them is one of my sisters who had 48 cattle shot by the RSPCA and shot under the most inhumane conditions. The facts that the cattle were being fed with hay and protein supplements, and had shiny coats, bright eyes and chewed their cud contendedly were ignored by the RSPCA representative, who insisted that these dairy and part-dairy cattle must have a certain beef fat index. Nor did it carry any weight that 13 of these cows were fond mothers of the little calves, playing in the yard before their mothers were shot in their sides in complete contradiction to the RSPCA guidelines for humane killing. The little calves were left without food – 2 of them only 3 days old. As far as I am concerned the RSPCA has no credibility as a humane carer of animals. The shooting of my sister’s cattle is the cruellest thing I have ever heard done to animals but similar stories are coming from others who have had their animals shot by RSPCA. Julie Tilbrook’s animals needed help and so did she.
As some of the correspondents have pointed out, they do not want to pay for thin animals, even when they have the money to nurture the horse into a fat condition. It makes it very difficult for an owner to reduce stock and get money for feed.

21 08 2007
janet dough

to Nick Hall & Ellen Ash,

I’m sorry but niether of you have any idea of the conditions of this womens premises are in.
As I said in earlier corrispondence about Julie Tilbrooke I was at her property more than 5 years ago in which she constantly complained about her feed bill being over $10,000 back then and that she couldnt afford to feed her horses anymore. Now for starters if you can feed what you already have why in gods name would you keep breeding, also any one with half a brain that is sain knows you cant expect grass to grow on a property that is rediculously overstocked and doesnt get a rest or any type of work to improve the ground. Her ground is so stale even weeds have trouble growing there.
Secondly if your animalls are stating to suffer because you cant afford to feed them you DONT leave them til they are dying in the paddock do something about it sell some off and be reasonable. Wouldnt you be better off selling at a lower price and know that they will sell and have a chance or be greedy and ask rediculous prices for your stock that you will never get even if they where in good condition and not sell any so they suffer any way.
And as far as the RSPCA are concerned they can only do so much, where are they ment to get enough feed to support all the starving animals that morrons with their heads up their bums cant feed themselves so they expect handouts. IF YOU CANT FEED THEM GET RID OF THEM BEFORE THEY DO START SUFFERING.
Julie Tilbrooke has been doing this for years to her horses and been given handouts or offered reasonable money for some of her horses but does nothing to help her self so as far as I am concerned she deserves everything she gets and more. She has been given enough chances. For gods sake she is a vet she should know better. Dont you think.

21 08 2007
janet dough

Another one for Nick Hall,
My comment was just to make the point that she should have used that money to buy feed for the horses and then it may have never come to this but hang on it probebly wont even be her that pays for her to fight the charges it will probebly come from tax payers pockets seeming she is only a poor pensioner.

20 09 2007
jane dough

to nick and ellen
i leased 7 of julie tilbrook’s horses. i have offered to buy them off her and she refuses to sell. I went to her with a fascination for her breeding programme for roan standardbreds (not the thoroughbred programme) and offered to help her with continuing the breeding with her mares on my property, while she was stuggling feeding them. a few months down the track when i mentioned the horses were all apparently in foal she accused me of trying to steal her bloodlines??? what the?….. I dont know to this day what happened but she became suddenly very nasty and accused me of some really hurtful things. When i tried to surrender the leases she didnt want the horses back, but she wouldnt sell them either. to the best of my understanding she just wanted me to feed them for her.
No offence but janet dough and I have had the same experience with this person and her lies and deceitful ways have finally been shown up in a court of law. The RSPCA came to get a statement from me and believe me they would prefer not to deal with issues like this one. He said that this was just one case of many. I value your opinion but janet and I have had close dealings with this person. she was also charged with cruelty to dogs and native wildlife. It wasnt just horses.

To Janet.
thank god its over for the horses. yay!!!!

21 09 2007
janet dough

Hi Jane
Yep in some ways `its great but in other ways it sucks.
I can’t believe she is still aloud to own her horses as long as some poor fools look after them for her for the next 5 years.
But at least people now know that was we have been saying is the trueth and hopefully more aware of what people like her are really capable of.

8 01 2008
Have Hart

Isn’t the mare in the photo above, the same horse that is shown in the book Horse Color Explained? There’s a roan mare in there below Catch A Birds photo. They say it’s one of his foals, and she looks almost exactly like the mare in the photo above. Has this case been resolved yet?

18 01 2008
janet dough


The Mare shown above is Not by catch a bird as most people have beeen led to believe but all the roans she has there are all standardbreds by strews from Classic Gary or her home bred classic gary stallion “coloniel pursuit”.
She made such a big deal about trying to breed color with Catch a Bird but the trueth is she never got a colored, brindle, roan or any foal from him what so ever They are all STANDARDBREDS

20 01 2008

this woman need serious mental health care. these horses need to be removed from her care, or lack of, and rescued.

12 02 2008
just me

I have just read all your comments and just wanted to say this. Its not worth me having a go at that Lara woman as whenever i see any press I am in tears. I had Catch a Bird for 3yrs after taking him off her property with rediculas paper work she forced me to sign. he had a “dead” look in his eyes and was scared to walk out of the horrible yard that had been his home (if you could call it that) for the 4yrs she had him putting him over tbs’ stockhorses and standardbreds. the only real colour progeny were all from SB mares. To give you an idea the day i picked him up i took him home we were backing him off the float and he saw grass. His eyes near popped out of his head. once in the paddock he went for a roll (he was coated head to foot in this sticky clay mud) he had problems getting back onto his feet from weakness then tried to trot and nearly fell over.
Hence he went from that to being competed under saddle at the age of 21-22 in Canberra and locally down where I live. He passed away in April last year after serving his old mare that ran with him and came down the wrong way and broke his leg. I was there to the last moment with him and I miss his quirky in the face temperament that shone once he knew he was safe.
For anyone to do this to any horse is horrible. I have lived through severe droughts and fires and have had to make horrible decisions with horses but at least at the end of the day I knew they were not in pain

13 01 2014

This isn’t to start more arguing, Julie messed up, big time. But being a person who was unfortunately very close this story, I’m glad to see that at least a few people asked the right q’s. Why was no help offered? That Julie has been mentally unwell for years. You all ask what person in their right mind would done such horrible things? The answer is right there, she never was in her right mind, funny how people choose to ignore this, and treat her as someone who knows right from wrong when she never did! No one would treat animals like this willingly without guilt, it’s over now for the media circus but for others it will haunt them for life. They know who they are, and I hope they realise they’re mistakes.

19 02 2008
Janet doe

Thankyou to “JUST ME” for clarifying what Jane Doe and myself has been saying about what it was really like dealing with this women.
The only thing I will say again is the misconseption that she bred any color with catch a bird. All the color she got was from Standardbred mares but where by Standardbred stallions. I only know this because I am a harness racing enthusiest and a huge fan of Classic Garry progany so after responding to an ad went there to lease or buy a horse and come home with 3. 1 being her so called rear colour. Anyway I can garentee all the colored horses she had\has are all registered with HRV and you cant register a part bred to race with them. All harness racing horses must be dna tested for perternaty.

Enough about that anyway congrates on caring and giving catch a bird a good home until his end and it sounds like he would had had a smile on his face til close to his last breath.
regards Janet Doe

24 03 2008

In your response to Glenda, allow me to “enighten” you a little. She does not have “several” horses as she stated, she has FIFTY FIVE horses, including 5 stallions, and runs a breeding program. I am glad to see she is finally giving away about 25 horses, but the reality is that everbody in the SE USA knew in August that there was going to be a severe hay shortage. With 55 horses when an owner/breeder waits until her horses are starving and they are out of hay to do somehting about it is is hard to just step up and clean up the mess. So Yes, I suppose I am one of those people who would rather not pay to clean up the mess she created for herself. I will however encourage people to help her by taking some horses off her hands, and I will donate funds to geld her stallions, or if they are really worthy of keeping as studs then finding them a suitable home who can provide to make sure they don’t end up in this situation again. I have a problem with her giving away 25 of the horses mostly young stock, no doubt so she can just rebreed all the mares again next year. So I ask you Nick, how many years in a row should we step in and foot the bill for irrseponsible breeding, not just on her behalf, but all backyard breeders, the producers of “horsey mills”.

5 05 2008
Another breakthrough in colour genetics (or, if you prefer, “They’ve more or less dun it”) « Bridlepath

[…] Starving horses were part of an unusual breeding program […]

23 10 2008
The truth anyone?

I really think some people should find out THE TRUE FACTS BEFORE COMMENTING! The majority of posts on this page disgust me.
I know this lady and her family personaly. I do not at all condone animal cruelty, but once again the media have taken things into their own hands to make a story.
This lady has been trying to get help for YEARS to feed these horses. They have been advertised FREE TO GOOD HOME in the paper for months, because she could not afford to feed them, though no one would take them.
It’s funny though, that once the media blew it all out of proportion, everyone suddenly wanted them.
I am not backing the way she has handled this whole situation, but she has asked for help from so many people, countless times, and the majority have turned their backs. What is this world coming to?
Since the many news reports, there have been many protesters, but also a few helping hands. Some kind people have donated feed etc… The property is now in better condition, although not grassy. It would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to get the soil back to quality again.

To add it all up… PLEASE try and find the true facts first. Just like the police need to have a certain amount of speeding tickets in a night, the news reporters need a story, and will do it in whatever way they can.

Have a heart!

20 02 2009
Else JF

If she could not feed the horses, she should have sold them or euthanized them. That starved-out horse looks just like the starved living skeleton-people found in German Nazi camps. There is NO EXCUSE – NONE – for treating animals like that. NONE.

Anyone differing from me on this is welcome to starve themselves till they look like that horse and see how they like the experience.

Finally, there should be capital punishment for people like her.

13 01 2011

you summed up what my feeling are towards people like her..

3 03 2009
22 11 2009

this woman needs her head checked !!!! 4 god sake i know horse feed costs alot but thats what u get when u have horses . i also tryed 2 purchace a couple off horses of he and when she told me the prices i almost dropped dead!!!! like her horses were . i just told he she was dreaming . but i ended up walking away feeling so angry and sad for theses horses !!! she needs help . yeah the times are tuff and there are no excuses for letting these horses the way they were. my feed bills cost me $250 a week and i never complain about it cos i love and care about my horses and love seeing them with fat beelys full off feed that i work hard to buy …. those poor horses that she had she shouldnt own animals at all!!!!!!!

13 01 2011

jilie..if your reading this, i would just like to say that you are the most descusting, revolting, person i hace ever heard of..along with all the other animal abusers out there in the world. i am happy and young horse, dog., cat, and bird owner..and would never in my, or anybody elses lifetime, hurt any animal..even if i were dieing, and the only thing i had 2 eat, were my pets.. i would rather die than harm a single hair (or feather) on any of their smilin, happy, fed and watered bodies..i hope you never ever again live 2 see the smile on a little girl or boys face when they ride a horse for the first time and that you will serve life in prison…but the thing i dont why you would want to hurt any animal what so ever??are you sick in the head??????? you need to be put in an insane asilme??.if any of those horses wouldve died, you wouldve been claimed a murderer..maybe not in any of the governments books..but in mine you wouldbe been..i think..for all of the animal abusers, torturers or any person who causes harm 2 any animal at all..should have the same thing done to them..but 10 times worse.. thats the cold hard truth..HOW BOUT THEM the one you DIDNT give generously to your horses..

2 06 2011

I don’t know if this is still up or whatever, but I’m commenting anyway!!! Okay, first of all, I am ~> NOT <~ referring to the women in this article exactly, but to all the stupid, morons who do this to their animals, yes ALL of them, as Syndie had said,should get the same treatment as they had most likely WILLINGLY bestowed upon these poor, poor, Innocent, beautiful beasts! , myself, am I happy pet owner of cats, dogs, and a beautiful parakeet. I may not own a horse personally, but I do understand what it is like to feed, and care for such a wonderful creature such as a horse. Yes, I understand the difficulty of feeding a horse because the price of hay, but that does NOT excuse the fact that this women is starving her horses! As the person with the name/title *The Truth Anybody?" tell me this, how to h*** did she allow herself to get to that high of horses anyway! I believe someone said she had 55 horses? If she knew how high the prices of hay were in Aus, why did she let her horses breed so much that she had 55 flippin' horses! If she KNEW she didn't have the space, the money, OR the time to take care of so many horses, why did she open a breeding program? Why did she breed her horses to the point of them almost dieing giving birth early because she "couldn't wait?" Try and READ the facts before you comment on other people "ignoring the real facts," okay?
Oh, and one more question- for you personally- did you ever take one o more of her horses when she had theses adds and you saw them? Fantastic if you did, and I thank you for getting them away from her, but if you didn't, you knew you hadn't had the space to hold a creature such as a horse, you didn't have the time, maybe you didn't have the money, OR you just didn't want one. Tell me, would YOU buy a starving, half-dead, probably going to die, probably diseased horse? Personally I would, but I'm good to animals-better to animals than people really- but do you think OTHER people are that kind to such suffering creatures like these animals?? Yeah, the RSPCA isn't the BEST animal place ever, but how many OTHER people do you think are trying to get help from them? How many other people are trying to help their animals from them? 1,000's? 1,000,000's?? Maybe-god forbid- somehow 1,000,000,000-I'm not saying there are that many people that can't feed there animals, but HOPEFULLY you get the point. If not, that's pretty sad, because I most likely have a lower grade of Education than you do. Everyone on this comment page MOST LIKELY has more Education than I do, heck I'm not even out of school yet, and I understand this kind of situation. I will admit, I most likely don't have ALL my facts correct, and yes I do agree the Media and Reporters esc. have blown this thing a bit out of proportion, but not so much to where a young person, like me, doesn't understand how bad of a situation this is! I mean, for God sakes, she's starving horses that could have been sold for maybe 1,500 when they weren't HALF STARVED! She could have easily sold the weanlings, yearlings, 2 year old horses, esc. when they were younger, and NOT half starved. She could have sold most of her horses, and had at MOST 15-20 horses still, NOT half starved, to breed if she wanted this beautiful, and rare color! (or colour as some people spell it.) Yeah, sure, she wanted a brindle horse like Catch A Bird, Rest In Piece Catch A Bird<3, if she would have sold most of those yearlings, not going through the list again, esc. to get more money to feed her remining horses to breed them! Of course Catch A Bird was 'sterile' when she sold him, HE W

2 06 2011

Of course Catch A Bird was ‘sterile’ when she sold him, HE WAS HALF-DEAD FOR GOOD LORD’S SAKE! His body wouldn’t have been concentrating on preserving his species! His body would have been too busy trying to figure out how to survive!! I don’t know if it’s the same for horses, but when a human is HALF-STARVED, the brain lets out a signal for the body to start eating away their muscles so the brain can stay alive, if it is the same for a horses body, then it would have probably been too busy EATING IT’S SELF!

These comments are mostly for Nick Hall, and all you people who don’t agree with Jane Doe, and Janet Doe about this monster of a human being put in jail for these cruel things she has done to such beautiful creatures! She should get starved like she starved her horses, and thrown into a pen with 20 other people like this monster,barely big enough for 10 people, and thrown a little bit of food for them all to attempt to ‘distribute’ among themselves, and see how SHE likes it!!

7 12 2011
Penny Whitehead

Have just gotten here and this smacks of a similar case some years back, right in my back yard so to speak and some of my very own horses I had leased from a woman and a colt that was mine from one of them stolen. State of Idaho, USA, about 80 horses invovled, most rescued finally by private parties, 12 to 13 starved horses left in pasture over the winter, and the same old poor me I can’t afford feed! Case dropped, state didn’t want to take responsibility for feeding all those confiscated horses if that happened. Nobody helps most of us if times get hard, I have given horses away before they got thin, just to make sure they had good homes and care when times got tough and human medical conditions arose and ugent care needed for hubby! My lifelong dreams came to an end but still have a few, they get all they need but no more breeding, stallion and a couple of old mares and one young one are part of the family as is an old mare not for breeding so was given to me to ride, two old ladies going down the trail in leisure.
Starvation, not thought for the animals, sales cancelled, give aways not considered, should be jail time as it is for child abuse, abuse is abuse is abuse!

1 05 2012
Ariel Thornton

Soo, in a completely not so controvseral direction, um. Brindled horses. I love them.
Planned on starting a breeding program for them. The logic kicked in and i was like ‘owait, that sort of thing requires breeding offsrping to parents. Not cool” So I dont wanna do that anymore.

PLUS, i read that it’s possibly not even an inheritable trait. Sometimes it’s due to a chimera effect, the horse literally has 2 sets of dna.

If anyone knows of a successful breeding system on brindled horses, lemme.

I want one. SO BAD.

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