The next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival…

24 02 2007

cutting horse demo – without bridle, originally uploaded by qofd.


…will be hosted at Experiments in Training Equines on February 28, which means the deadline for submissions is February 27 (this Tuesday). Herewith the details:


If you have spent any amount of time with the equine you know that there are many times that things go much differently than planned. Equines have a way of teaching us what we need to know. This carnival is dedicated to the times when equines have taught US a thing or two. Let’s celebrate our failures, big and small. Let’s celebrate the times when things have gone right against all odds. You are of course welcome to submit even if you have a post that doesn’t relate to the topic. Just put your submission under the “general” category.

You may submit up to two articles here.




3 responses

25 02 2007

What a cool picture. Boy would I like to do that someday. Hopefully I won’t run out of time before I get all the things done I want to do.

9 04 2007

Agreed! Really good pic. Love the look on everyone’s face..such intensity. I loved your mule and donkey entries!

6 03 2008
mandy and my horse princess

My horse is a paso fino so i have given up my dream of teaching reining to my first horse, but i am working with a 4 year old colt named levi. he is only 14.00hh so he is short but he will be my reining project for the upcomming 4h year. i am teaching him reining then hoping to win high points at fair. wouldent it be awesome if i could take him bridleless =) i cant wait! (-_-)

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