License plates to help wild horses

25 02 2007

Niiiice. Too bad I don't have a car. Or live in Nevada

Sally Summers displays the original painting that will be used for a wild horse plate before testifying Jan. 22 before the commission on specialty license plates. It was created by wildlife artists Jim McKew and Kelly Six.

Not content with merely honouring wild horses on coins, Nevada has gone a step further and added a wild horse and burro design as an option on state license plates. Proceeds from the plates, which should be available in a few months, will go to the nonprofit group Horse Power. Link

Knights in shining armour

25 02 2007

At the Met

The Roving Medievalist posted this great photo of equestrian armour at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Love the plumes!

Downloadable demo of horse racing game

25 02 2007

And down the stretch they come!

From Kotaku: “The Post-Time website has a new downloadable sample of Post-Time Horse Racing available on their site.

The horse racing simulator includes a system that allows horses to evolve over a race season, multiplayer support, 200 horses, real-time changing odds and a new jockeying system.” If you like this sort of thing, give it a whirl.

Jenny the uncatchable donkey

25 02 2007

Go Jenny!

A donkey named Jenny runs away from Kevin Hall, of Newport, Maine, Sunday, as Hall and his mule attempt to capture the donkey that escaped from a nearby farm.

Jenny the donkey has been leading everyone a merry dance for the past month. She took off from her new owners and has been wandering around in the woods behind their farm. Lacing her food with sedatives, bringing in a horse psychologist and attempting to lure her in with a male donkey have all failed. And you thought your equines were stubborn. Link

A horse the whole family can ride at once?

25 02 2007

Freya This might be your big chance. According to Way Out Auctions, “[at] 7 feet tall, 800 pounds, Freya happily carries 3 and 4 children, or 3 adults at a time! Her brother, Vlad, is Guinness Book of World Records Largest Rocking Horse at 1,200 lbs., 7 ft. 8 inches!” Bid on her here (auction ends March 1).

Freya and friend

“One horsepower can give you the ride of your life”

25 02 2007

One horsepower can give you the ride of your life

Part of a series of advertising photos for an ad campaign for ATG, Swedish Horse Racing. Link (warning: lots of Flash)  (via Coolz0r)

Old man or young rider?

25 02 2007

Use your illusion


Horse festival in the Philippines

25 02 2007

This seems to have been a good weekend for horse festivals. Horse carriages and their drivers race to the finish line during the annual Festival of Horses in Cebu city, central Philippines February 24, 2007. The Festival of Horses is a tourist promotion activity in the island resort of Cebu. The winner of the event will get 3,000 pesos (US$62). (Link)

Horse Easter

25 02 2007

Horse Easter

A Bulgarian prepares his horse for a race during the Todorov Den, also known as Horse Easter, in the Bulgarian village of Mramor near the capital Sofia, Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007. By tradition, the first week of the Long Lent is called Theodors week in Bulgaria. St. Theodors Day, also known as Horse Easter is celebrated with horse competitions and horse races testing the animals’ strength. (Link)

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