Jenny the uncatchable donkey

25 02 2007

Go Jenny!

A donkey named Jenny runs away from Kevin Hall, of Newport, Maine, Sunday, as Hall and his mule attempt to capture the donkey that escaped from a nearby farm.

Jenny the donkey has been leading everyone a merry dance for the past month. She took off from her new owners and has been wandering around in the woods behind their farm. Lacing her food with sedatives, bringing in a horse psychologist and attempting to lure her in with a male donkey have all failed. And you thought your equines were stubborn. Link



One response

1 03 2007
Jenny update: she’s been caught! « Bridlepath

[…] update: she’s been caught! 1 03 2007 A couple of days ago I told you about Jenny, the wayward donkey hinny. She’s finally turned herself in. Too bad, in a way; I was […]

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