The mythical art of Howard David Johnson

28 02 2007

If you love a touch of the fae in your art, this gallery may be right up your alley:

Valkyrie Maiden

Modern scholars tend to believe that the Valkyries were actually mounted on wolves, rather than flying horses. Does the second pic ring any bells? It should:

Charles I on Horseback by Van Dycke

It’s based on Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, painted by van Dyck around 1637. I’m not sure how well the trappings of absolute (albeit doomed) monarchy translate to a portrait of a mounted Valkyrie, but the horse is a definite classic. Check out the shank on that bit!

Top posts, 2007-02-28

28 02 2007

Generate your own word puzzle

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Have a look through the archives, if you’ve time to browse them all; lots of good stuff there which you may not have seen.

The fourth Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

28 02 2007

014roanqlookhorselakesideqmaxshpoilturesaminitlite, originally uploaded by Pixel Packing Mama.

…is now up at Experiments in Training Equines, with lots of good things to read.

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