1 03 2007

Do you mean it this time?

Found this awesome mousepad at Carolyn’s site, which urges “Window Shop-Aholics Unite!”

Build your own cavaletti

1 03 2007


The Texas Horseman’s Directory has some clear instructions for making your own cavaletti jumps. If you’re not good with power tools, you could always try sweet-talking the handy person in your life (everyone has at least one; it’s one of life’s unwritten rules…).

Jenny update: she’s been caught!

1 03 2007

A couple of days ago I told you about Jenny, the wayward donkey hinny. She’s finally turned herself in. Too bad, in a way; I was wondering if we had the makings of an internet classic. Still, good to see she’s home and doing well.

Miss Cellania on horses

1 03 2007

You’ve seen most of this on Bridlepath already, of course 😉 but there are a few things which are new.

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