Today’s vocabulary lesson

3 03 2007

Sweet Pea, originally uploaded by steffofsd.


Double-Tongued Word Wrester records undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English. It focuses upon slang, jargon, and other niche categories which include new, foreign, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words. As a raving language geek, I hope you find these equine-related entries as interesting as I do.

Clydesdale n. in running or road-racing sports, a heavyweight classification for (male) participants weighing more than 200 pounds; a runner in that weight class.

dodgepot n. originally, a race horse that is heavily favored but has mixed success; (hence) a quirky or eccentric person.

new shooter n. a horse entering a race, but one that has not been an active participant in the horse-racing circuit, particularly those races which include or lead up to one of the Triple Crown events; a new-comer or long-shot.

pinhook v. to speculate in race horses.

redboard v. to speculate on the outcome of a horse race that has already finished.

stooper n. at a race track, a person who picks up discarded bet tickets in search of those which represent unclaimed winnings.

takeout n. the amount of each bet deducted by a horse-racing track to cover expenses.

tick-tacker n. at a horse track, a person (often a tout) who communicates information to others by hand signals.




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