California park struggles with horse’s future

4 03 2007

Workers at California’s Golden Gate National Park are at odds over a proposal to euthanize an ailing horse that has been a park feature for decades.

Ever since top park officials announced their decision to euthanize 28-year-old trail horse Edith Ann earlier this month, volunteers at the Mill Valley national parkland have been fiercely divided over the decision, the Los Angeles Times said.

While many allege that euthanizing Edith Ann would be the ethical move in response to her recent contraction of a form of arthritis and a debilitating hoof inflammation, most volunteers strongly disagree.

“These horses have been in service their whole lives. But as soon as they’re no longer useful, their options are limited,” volunteer Susana Ives told the paper of the park’s 70 horses. “They should be cared for as long as they live, not just as long as they work.”

Officials are currently attempting to use steroids to help treat the horse, who would be nearly 84 in human years, while volunteers desperately search for a new home for their beloved horse. Link (thankoo Timethief!)




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