Snippy’s for sale

4 03 2007

Alas poor Snippy. I knew her, Horatio

The skeleton of “Snippy,” an Appaloosa found mutilated on the King Ranch in the Sangre de Cristo foothills in September 1967, is for sale on eBay. [Auction ends March 8] Snippy, whose real name was Lady, belonged to the late Nellie Lewis, who was convinced her horse had been dispatched by aliens. Link

The Snippy case is quite a famous one in the annals of UFO history, although a vet who examined the bones believed the mare had in fact been shot. (By people)



2 responses

5 03 2007

ohh, how interesting! back in 1990-91 out here in Oklahoma, there were several head of cattle found mutilated. A few were owned by my physician’s Father.

It was weird and interesting at the same time. I put the Old Guy inside every single night for a year straight after that happened. No one or no vet ever came to any conclusion publicly to what really happened to the mutilated cattle.

5 03 2007

Very interesting! Ebay, no less, and people are actually bidding on this? The world is definitely a wierd place.

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