Tiger on horse

6 03 2007

I saw a photo of a tiger riding a circus horse in a book once; what was really cool was that the horse was a wildly marked leopard  Knabstrupper or Appy.

Mirrors can cut trailering stress

6 03 2007

Mirror Mirror, originally uploaded by Tanya Gin.

Here’s a report that horses travelling with a mirror in their trailer (or horsebox, depending on where you are) experience less stress than they usually would. A real companion would be best, but if that’s not feasible, why not try this instead?

Hamster cavalry training?

6 03 2007

Nope; French rider Olivier Garcia rides his horse Emir et Djugut inside a giant plastic bubble during training for the grand opening of the Stockholm International Horse Show at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Link

Just 5.9 kilograms per horsepower

6 03 2007

Found at haha.nu: Funny ad campaign of the Golf GTI series by VW.

The text on the ads reads:  Just 5.9 kilograms per horsepower. The Golf GTI Edition 30.

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Cartoons and fine arts

6 03 2007

Here’s a fantastic Worth1000 photoshop contest called Art of the Cel, where cartoons are inserted into classic works of art! Link via Neatorama.

Desperate Ride

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Peter Clark’s collages

6 03 2007

Peter Clark uses pieces of colorful maps, manuscript, and found papers for his collage artwork: Link via Neatorama.

Firefighters rescue horse from icy pond

6 03 2007


Firefighters in Woodbridge, Vermont rescued a horse named Slick when he fell into an icy pond. Full story

Semi-interesting biographical note: my brother is a volunteer fire captain (in a place even colder than Vermont) but to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t had to rescue any horses yet.

MSU vet students experience draft horse driving

6 03 2007

Bas-relief, originally uploaded by danielguip.

Animal Science 141 is more about the warm gloves than the notebooks, more about remembering to bring a hat than a pen.

We’re talking draft-horse driving, and a Michigan State University class last month hitched students with horses in an outdoor laboratory despite the February cold.

The lead teacher is listed as Cara O’Connor, but let’s face it: The head instructor is really Colonel, a 12-year-old Belgian draft horse with hooves the size of pasta bowls.

Colonel was handing out lessons that morning at the MSU Horse Research and Teaching Center, where the windchill hit 9 degrees.

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