Mirrors can cut trailering stress

6 03 2007

Mirror Mirror, originally uploaded by Tanya Gin.

Here’s a report that horses travelling with a mirror in their trailer (or horsebox, depending on where you are) experience less stress than they usually would. A real companion would be best, but if that’s not feasible, why not try this instead?




2 responses

7 03 2007

good idea as long as the mirror was not breakable. Scooter had a goat pal named Fred who traveled with us. He belonged to my Father-in-Law. Fred passed away 8 years ago due to old age….we still miss him!

It is true, horses travel and stall much happier and calmer with a companion

25 04 2007
Steve Gardner

Nearly everyone who tows anything via trailer, especially “newbies,” can get a lot of peace of mind for not much money with a product called the Trailer Guardian from Dura Safe, Inc. See http://www.durasafe-usa.com for more information about this device that secures your trailer to the towing vehicle, even when the coupler and ball do not match. It’s a really great way to protect whatever you’re carrying in your trailer while gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing your trailer won’t uncouple.

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