15 03 2007

Hat tip to Meggan for alerting me to this site:

Searching for the right horse or trying to find the perfect home for one? Look no further! All Heart Inc., a Barrington, Illinois company is launching a extraordinary new concept –  – the perfect website for prospective adopters to view photos and information on horses needing good homes. offers listings from across the nation with advanced search options that facilitate the match of donor and adopter. All text ads are free and packages are available for different viewing options.

All Heart Inc. wants to make the adoption of horses needing good homes both easy and successful for donors and adopters alike. is the first and only website specifically designed for such a purpose.

Too bad the ads aren’t free.

Kentucky “swamped” with unwanted horses

15 03 2007

With new laws making it difficult to send horses off to the slaughterhouse when they are no longer suitable for racing or work, auction houses are glutted with horses they can barely sell, and rescue organizations have run out of room.

Some owners who cannot get rid of their horses are letting them starve; others are turning them loose in the countryside. Link

You already know what I’m going to say about this, don’t you?

Pic of the day

15 03 2007

Found at Sharon Cobb’s Nashville blog: a dog (look closely!) sitting on the back of a Belgian.

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