Riding is more dangerous than car racing?

20 03 2007

That's going to leave a mark

A report commisioned by the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation suggests that the risk of serious injury is even higher for riders than it is for racing drivers. Full story

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7 responses

21 03 2007

My husband is constantly reminding me about this. When he was 9yo his cousin who was 10 yo fell off her horse, hit her head on a boulder, and died from the fall. If she had been wearing a helmet back then she would have been okay today.

Riding like any sport has it’s dangers.

21 03 2007

Yeah, but some kinds of riding are more dangerous than others.

Riding round in an enclosed arena is probably pretty safe.

Eventing, less safe:

Tent Pegging, downright insane:

All sports have their dangers, but some risks are worse than others.

23 03 2007

The article said that jumping is less safe than car racing, eventing less safe than jumping, but hacking out on holiday statistically has very low risk. No mention of dressage.

8 04 2007

I have always thought that riding accidents were both common and could lead to serious injury based on my own personal experience.

I had some bad jumping falls both while practising and in competition. I also had some injuries from general riding accidents, plus a number of near-misses on the road.

I have looked for but not found any widespread statistics on horse-related accidents and injuries. I think such statistics would only highlight the significant risk related to this hobby, even with the improvements in hard hats and use of back protectors.

12 12 2007

If you don’t care about the machine, accidents always will be present. Organic machine (horse welfare) or mechanic machine (car conservation).
As a car accidents, the major responsability from the horse accidents are peoples.

11 02 2008

Well, that’s tough, I would say that in some ways yes it is more dangerous that car racing, but yet in others I would question it. When you have a good 1200 lbs of racing animal that has a mind of it’s own and is more likely to break it’s leg from running than a race car is to fall apart on the track, I would say yes, also there is no real protection for the horse, and not much for the rider, there is at least a seatbelt I don’t know about airbags, and a decent roll bar on the sports car.

17 02 2008

its hard to say as with a horse, they are unpredictable, any thing can happen, i had to be taken to hospital on a spinal bord a while ago because i fell of my horse, she was spooked and there is nothing any one could have done to prevent it.

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