The photography of Tim Flach

20 03 2007

Tim Flach’s homepage

Horse tongue

Two more pics after the jump.

Trojan horse by Tim Flach

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11 responses

10 07 2007

love it

23 11 2007

I have seen some of the work you have done with the horses of Iceland and am captivated. How can i go about purchasing some of these photo?

27 12 2007

You can find all ways of contact, galleries etc on under “contact” 🙂

2 01 2008

i love your pics. they r really cool.

7 02 2008

Real cool pictures:) have seen some of your work from Iceland:) realy good:) Use to photograf my self, realy funny:) Most off the times I photograf, I take horse pictures:)

6 03 2008

I ride Iceland horses 3 years but your photos are very very exiting…

1 04 2008

Hey. I just want to say that i love your photos. Spec, they from Iceland. They are amazing. Take care. / Ina

15 08 2008

i love your photos.they are on the highest level.continue your work till the end.don’t leave it!

26 09 2008

I love very much your photos

15 10 2012
Samm Clark

Your job as a photographer is one of my dream jobs. Horses are my passion and photography is a hobby of mine. Putting them together would make my life. Your book “Equus” literally almost made me cry, i sat for hours in my local bookstore looking at it instead of doing work, but i sadly couldn’t buy it because i have no money seeing as I’m a high schooler with no job.

15 10 2012
Samm Clark

I’m pretty sure you can report abuse on facebook or submit for review and they ask a specific reason for it.

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