Poison darts found at Hong Kong racetrack

22 03 2007

Cathay Pacific International Jockey’s Championship Races at Hong Kong’s Happy Valley Racecourse on December 6, 2006

Oh, those wacky Chinese people. First they put bears on horses, then they stage horse fights, and now this. CNN reports that police in Hong Kong are investigating the discovery of an elaborate device, found embedded in the turf of one of their largest racetracks, which had the apparent intent of shooting poison darts at the horses at the start of a race. The police source said the shooter was almost certainly related to betting, and could be linked to organized crime syndicates, known as triads. Lovely. (Story via Standardbred Canada)

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One response

25 03 2007

Go figure. Some people just have to cheat and don’t care how they do it or at what cost.

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