When does it end?!

23 03 2007

Now someone’s auctioning off a Cheeto in the shape of Barbaro. How…cheesy. Link

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6 responses

23 03 2007

Oh for Pete’s sake! At least they threw in free shipping.

24 03 2007

I’m still waiting for the frenchfrie. You know some one will buy it.

24 03 2007

For the fry, keep a beady eye on the Lord of the Fries blog. They’re all over that shit.

Meantime, I have to say it’s only a matter of time until some lame-o with no life shows up on Oprah, a victim of “Barbaro Grief, the unspoken tragedy disabling the nation.”

Goodbye Barbaro
Though you were as dumb as you were tall
You had the grace to wear more clothes
Than Lohan, Hilton, et al…

Sorry, when I get into my cups I can’t help but compulsively rewrite “Candle in the Wind” same as everyone, I guess.

24 03 2007
cheeto Barbaro! « raincoaster

[…] $69.69 bid for this literally cheesy memento of the late great mucilage component? Stolen from Bridlepath. I couldn’t eat him.  It wouldn’t be right.  Everybody loves Cheetos, but we love […]

24 03 2007

omg, you have GOT to be kidding me, no freakin, way…

25 03 2007

Geez, I support my herd on ebay. I wish I’d found that darn cheetos!!

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