How come I never thought of that?

25 03 2007

OK, it’s from the Daily Mirror, so keep that salt shaker handy…still, I thought this was quite amusing. Dunno about you, but my parents would’ve said “You heard wrong. Stop your sniveling.”

A Dad had to buy his daughter riding lessons after she heard him call £25 “a pony” – and thought she was getting one for her seventh birthday.

Ellie Pearson was in tears when told that his phone chat about “sorting out that pony” was just Cockney slang for cash.

Mum Sandra, 38, said: “When the sobs ended she told us what she’d heard.

“We laughed as it was cute. But we felt guilty, and just so Ellie would talk to her dad, we promised her lessons.”

London-born dad Nigel, 36, said: “She’s asked for a pony since she could talk but I’ve never been able to afford one.”

Ellie, who lives with her parents near York, has so far had two £25 rides.

But she still dreams of having her own pony and said: “I’d call her Poppy and keep her in a field near our house.”

For more tips on getting your parents to buy you a horse, see this post.

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Hope he didn’t take the keys

25 03 2007

A young Welsh Cob stallion named Triple Five required fourteen firemen, a vet and some cutting equipment when he got stuck in a caravan (similar to a North American camper van) after smelling hay inside and climbing in to chow down. Triple Five was unharmed after his hour-long ordeal. (Say that last sentence in Kent Brockman’s voice) Link

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Update on retired NYPD horses

25 03 2007

Last November I told y’all about a dispute over retired NYPD police horses; it was felt that the animals were not getting proper care, a charge the caretakers denied. The Gothamist is now reporting that twenty of the horses have been adopted out, and the remainder sent to other farms: “The health of the horses, who range in age from 3 to nearly 30, has improved dramatically since the move, according to the police mounted unit.”

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Downloadable equine sounds

25 03 2007

teh whinny, originally uploaded by Muzzlehatch.

Many thanks to the inestimable Kathryn for letting me know about this site, full of downloadable equine sounds in .wav or .aif format. The descriptions are great: “A short welcome whinny with a nicker from a second horse”, “Short blowy exhaled snort” and “This blustery snort turns into an inhaled roar.” Beats “You’ve got mail” any day.

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