Update on retired NYPD horses

25 03 2007

Last November I told y’all about a dispute over retired NYPD police horses; it was felt that the animals were not getting proper care, a charge the caretakers denied. The Gothamist is now reporting that twenty of the horses have been adopted out, and the remainder sent to other farms: “The health of the horses, who range in age from 3 to nearly 30, has improved dramatically since the move, according to the police mounted unit.”

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3 responses

19 05 2008
Bruce Donahue

tell me how I can adopt a horse. 1 now own 2 I am a retired Detectice from NYPD My name is Bruce Donahue I live in Green Sea, South Carolina #(843) 756-756

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Police horse clocks out early

[…] Update on retired NYPD horses […]

5 03 2009
Jennifer Martell

Can you please tell me how to go about adopting a retired nyc police horse. I am an experienced rider and am looking to give a horse a good home.

Thank you

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