Kathy Sierra

26 03 2007

You’ve probably heard about this, but if not: A wordpress.com blog was pulled for hosting obscene content and death threats against another blogger, Kathy Sierra. What galls me is the sense I get from some quarters that she’s “overreacting”–like women fly off the handle, or it doesn’t “count” somehow if someone threatens them. “Ah, it’s just a bit of fun; lighten up, baby!”

Here’s Kathy’s post detailing the threats; some of you may find this disturbing. To give you a sense of what makes her a true A-list blogger, I suggest reading her post Seven blog virtues.

As for why Bridlepath should mention this…she’s part of the tribe, for one thing, but more importantly, I believe that harassments and threats have no more place online than they do in real life.

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5 responses

27 03 2007

Kathy’s post is distorted and twisted. I don’t understand why she’s doing this. I left comments on her blog. I’m pleading with you to cover this event fairly.

27 03 2007

If you know of anything I can do to help, please let me know.

27 03 2007

Hey Joey,

I’d love you to expand on your comment. I’m not sure I understand how a death threat can be unfairly covered. It seems perfectly clear why she is doing this.

However, I would be superinterested to hear what your thoughts.

27 03 2007

Excuse me, I meant to say: I would be superinterested to hear your thoughts.

28 03 2007

I hate this part of the Internet community. Just like the woman I wrote about on my blog that had the mare giving birth to her 4th set of twins. That woman is getting harrassing emails and phone calls including threats and so are her business associates. There needs to be zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. At least this blog was deleted, the forum with the disturbing thread posts hasn’t done a darn thing. Very sad.

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