Case dismissed against vet accused of giving vodka to horses

29 03 2007

Hey, it was the closest thing I could find

GRAND ISLAND – The case against Grand Island veterinarian Dr. Jay Stewart was dismissed today.

Hall County Attorney Mark Young said he was forced to dismiss the case after three witnesses failed to show up for the trial scheduled for today.

Stewart had been accused of injecting vodka into race horses to calm them before races at Grand Island’s Fonner Park in 2005.

Young declined to identify the three witnesses, but court records indicated that he had attempted to subpoena a jockey and two race horse owners.

Stewart left the Hall County Courthouse without commenting. His lawyer, William VonSeggern, also declined to comment. Link / Image source

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One response

31 03 2007

Here in Romania, back in the communist era pre-1989, vets used vodka and brandy administered intravenously as a sedative for horses when more conventional drugs weren’t available. Apparently it worked quite well.

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