Five competitive equine world records

3 04 2007

1. Highest official jump: 8 feet, 2 inches


The red line marks the top of the obstacle. Image source

Officially, the highest jump achieved is eight feet, two inches (2.47 metres, or about 18 inches over Radar‘s withers) by Huaso and Captain Alberton Larraguibel Morales of Chile. The record was at Vina Del Mar, Chile, on February 5th, 1949.

Here they are on the other side:


The highest unofficial jump is eight feet, three and a half inches:


Fred (Freddie) Wettach, Jr. riding his horse King’s Own. They jumped in front of 25 people with motion picture photographers capturing the occasion. The record was not considered official because it was not made in front of a public gathering. Source

This page has lots more background information, and has a great animation of Morales and Huaso clearing the jump. As for me, I’ve always been a nervous jumper, and if I’m going to be that high in the air there’d damn well better be a flight attendant nearby.

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Quiz: have you got any eye-dea?

3 04 2007

Boy or girl?

“There’s no art/To find the mind’s construction in the face.” Macbeth, I, iv, 11-12.

Sarah at Scary’s West is running a little game: can you guess whether you’re looking at a male or female horse, based solely on the eyes? I tried my best; let’s hope she’s tactful with my failure. 😉 Take the test!

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Barbaro’s Kentucky Derby saddle to be auctioned for charity

3 04 2007


The saddle worn by Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro will be sold at a charity auction in May to raise money for permanently disabled jockeys.

Edgar Prado, who used the red-and-white leather saddle to guide Barbaro to a dominating victory in last year’s Derby, also used it while winning the 2002 and 2004 Belmont Stakes.

The saddle will be auctioned off at the Mint Jubilee Gala on May 4, the night before this year’s Derby.

“Barbaro was one of the greatest horses to ever run the Derby,” Prado said. “I only used the saddle for major races.”

Prado was aboard Barbaro during last year’s Preakness Stakes when the 3-year-old colt broke down in the front stretch after injuring his right hind leg.

Prado’s ability to quickly pull up and calm the horse helped doctors immediately address Barbaro’s injuries. Barbaro underwent emergency surgery after the race and spent several months in rehabilitation before being euthanized in January following complications from the injury.

Prado donated the saddle to the Jockeys’ Guild and proceeds from the sale of the saddle will go to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund, a division of National Thoroughbred Racing Association Charities. There are 58 severely injured jockeys receiving vital assistance each month from the fund. Link

If you can’t get down to Louisville for that, you can also support the charity with this.

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Top posts, 2007-04-03

3 04 2007

Skybound horse, originally uploaded by stevec77.

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Rocking horse for grown-ups

3 04 2007

Nerd Approved reports that Celery Furniture is now making adult-sized rocking horses. Made of bamboo, the ‘horse’ retails from $725-1165 depending on options. Hate to think what it would do to your floor.

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